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Our bodies are a temple.For this sole purpose I believe that they are to be treated with love and respect. As much as they are a temporary tent we live in, they should be properly nourished and taken care of.
Sometimes we tend to forget this and treat them like trash bins, no worse than that, but in order for living beings to fully function and be purposeful we have to ensure that or temples are in full vitality.
So join me on this journey as I clean up, find interesting healthy hacks and let us all clean up our diets, for the maximization of our purpose here on earth. That we may never be too tired or too lazy to get up and enjoy life.
I am not a certified nutritionist or a professional, all my content is based on research and interest, I will not be held accountable for any adverse effects of reactions. feel free to take any advice that is best suitable for your body.

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