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Acts 10
Acts 10:15
The voice spoke to him a second time, β€œDo not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

The matatu rules during this quarantine season have been straightforward. Social distancing should be observed through personal space and the conductors should sanitize every client before they get into the matatu.

As I was headed back home recently after receiving a new kofia from a stranger, I boarded a matatu that got full pretty fast, then some two boys, knowing the matatu only needed one more person boarded it, having every intention of breaking the rules that were put in place to save lives 🀨🀨.

The woman, who was directly affected by these delinquent boys, stood her ground asking the boys to alight. The boys had an issue with the request and after a brief commotion, the wise woman reluctantly alighted.

It took a while for the driver to gain awareness of this matter, but when he did, the two boys were kicked out of the matatu and the woman was asked to come back in, of course this act of heroism costed us five more minutes of waiting for the last passenger, but I was highly impressedπŸ™‚πŸ™‚. I have very low expectations when it comes to the Kenyan system, the system is so flawed that I always expected the worst from the public such as matatu operators who have been notoriously known for breaking the rules.🀐

When Peter fell into a trance at Joppa, the voice from heaven had to ask him three times to kill and eat all kinds of animals that were in the sheet, and three times Peter said no, because the rules were clear about not eating unclean animals, but the Lord kept on telling him, do not call anything impure that God has made clean.

This experience Peter had was symbolic to the opening of the church of Christ to the Gentiles such as Cornelius.
Just as I had labeled the Matatu system flawed and unruly and had zero expectations for anything good from this system, a matatu driver surprised me. LabelsπŸ€”πŸ€”.

So many labels have been put up as the expectations of a good Christian, for rookie Christians this becomes an unattainable religion that a person from the world cannot fully maintain when one surrenders to Christ. It shouldn’t be so!

The saying goes, Jesus wants you just as you are. We are carnal beings, there is no big or small sin, and we approach the throne with grace.

The last time I was a baby Christian I overdid it, trying to attain perfection, trying to please God all together, all this lead me to crush and burn due to my two conflicting sides, and when a mature Christian attacked me, I turned my back on God and I was out, the attack was just the final push I needed. I went back to the world that I was familiar with.😒😒

I have two points I am trying to drive home tonight, one of them being that it is okay to mess up when you are a baby Christian, I was watching Heather Lindsey ’s bible study, where she said that her baby sometimes wants to eat rock, it is not necessarily right, but with time and correction the baby Christian gets it.

Yes, you might get hurt, falling back into your old ways such as visiting the club or having coitus when you were trying to be a better version of yourself, the guilt alone might consume you. But as we say in the weight loss club, this is a process of unlearning years of bad eating habits and you will tumble and fall several times, the main point is after you mess up, do not hide in your guilt, wake up dust off, ask for forgiveness and help and then move on, God’s love is not any less simply because you messed up! 😁😁

Romans 8: 38-39

My second point is that, labels are just labels and humans tend to try using labels to stick someone to one corner in life, some going so far as pushing people to take one identity and settle in it, but we are humans. Everyone is different, each one of us has a personal relationship with Christ and simply because your journey might seem different does not make you any less of a child of God, it might take you years to ward off the years of promiscuity you had accumulated in your life, but this is a journey and not a marathon, this is life and Jesus came to bring us life in abundance, and life should be enjoyed, salvation does not mean a sentence to boredom.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Be patient with yourself, ask God for help, listen to Him speak, because he knows you better than anyone else, and this time my walk back to Christ has been beautiful because I have chosen to listen to God instead of all the other voices from all the sources that want you to follow a certain path they did,😏😏 never forget that your path is personal, walk it with God, one step at a time, and when the mature Christian voices start attacking you, write a blog to entertain other believers.🀣🀣 (I’m a little salty, God is working on me πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ)

And lastly, this is for the mature, be kinder to new believers, the whole body of Christ is built in love and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, please do not be the reason someone runs away from God like I did. Labels are things that should not be forced on people and people should not be expected to have just one identity, look at my blog for example, I write about everything and while this has made some of my readers walk away and even friends😭😭, I still will write what I believe is right for the season.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Have a lovely week ahead πŸ™‚. Guard your heart.

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