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The outdoors: The Free-Range Organic Chicken.

Over the last two months I have made sure to spend at least two hours outside, either if it is through a walk to the stage or just simply through sitting outside. I live in shags by the way so we have free range organic chicken, thirteen to be specific. For the past two months, my mom found me pets that could give more than just company, but food and money, the idea was to rare them and eat them and now that I have spend my two months with them, I am currently in a negotiation with my mom to get me a pet I cannot eat, like a cute furry dog, we´ll see how it goes.

Back to the chicken, so I know them all not by colour, I do not count them I just know them, I know there is the big white rooster that likes mounting on his wife the big chicken, who left her seven children after just a month, to fend for themselves and went for her new male partner. I know they are in love because soon after, she started laying eggs, they are about to make another family. I know the white cockerel whores around all the time, going from chicken to pullet, I know that I caught him mounting on the brown chick this morning, his wife´s child! I was horrified, the little chick ran to me, I threw a little rock on it.

Today, the brown chicken that was mounted on requires more attention, it never really comes to chill with me when I am usually outside, typing, it’s the kind of chick that is always out there fending for itself. Unlike the black ones, the two-black chicken, who I assume are twins because they are identical in character and in structure formation, they are smaller and are always fighting for attention. Its like they know that they are not really gifted structure wise, they are two inches smaller than their five brothers. They always make sure to make their presence is felt, in return, every time I feed the chicken, I have to make sure that the two black weaklings have eaten, manipulation.

The brown is sad, she´s not fetching, maybe she lost her appetite for the day, she first seats with me, next to the weaklings, they are all cuddled up, it’s a cold morning, maybe they are just looking for warmth, but I am just assuming that they came to make sure their sister was okay. These are animals, they say animals don´t have instincts so I might just be a crazy person, who overthinks everything.

Anyway that´s where I have spent all my outdoors for the first few months, studying the chicken, cleaning up after their mess and forcing them to eat cabbages, because cabbages are healthy and a long time ago chicken used to eat everything. I guess I feel like a little hero or something, because nowadays chicken filled with hormones, I know, I still love kfc, forgive me, I have also learned to spend time in nature, a youtuber Raya was here, talks about how our connection to the universe is so essential for our souls, mine is the simple things, God, people, grass, animals, trees, food, books, just the little things.

What is yours, do you have a connection to your soul, would you like to discover one, perhaps maybe discover a deeper meaning to life or just be happy. Stay tuned I have tips for you in the coming blogs.

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Thanks to the amazing traveller and photographer @dgichuru for sharing the photos for the blog.

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