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First of all, I thought today was Tuesday so I thought I had time to come up with an article, guys this quarantine is also affecting my productivity level, anyway, I had written this for my unemployment series when Nairobi was still Nairobi and the world was not completely falling apart, Nairobi was, but I mean, conmen in Nairobi elevate their tactics, for you to survive you have to stay woke, Enjoy!🙂

We should all be clear that everyone, I mean a huge percentage of y’all have been conned🤣🙃. Some of us more times than we would like to admit. We cannot even share some incidences in public, because of embarrassment.😅The truth of life is that at some point we can be a lil stupid or naive, even the smartest geniuses.

My misfortunes, mostly come in presents wrapped as friends, manipulative people, some even took months to elevate their game plan, but we survive, we move on and thrive, we have to look past the pain and the deceit, 😢😭 past their pettiness and past the bitter truth that not everyone has good intentions.

Job application cons are not as rare as you think, they come in all cases such as text messages, creating fake websites for huge respectable companies during mass recruit seasons, the rule is, if you have to pay any money before hand, before any interview or aptitude test, then think twice, most genuine employers will just cut any extra expenses from your first salary, because in a way they kind of control your finances, 🤫 that is if you only have one source of income.

A friend of mine went for a job interview, after having several gruesome phone interviews and finally passing for the final interview, at this point he was already convinced that they were legit, because of the way they had disguised themselves 😒.

He went to the interview venue, somewhere around Thika Road, on meeting the interviewer and a handshake later, he lost consciousness. For more than eight hours! he had no idea what happened to him for over eight hours! 😭😭 of course, everything was stolen including his documents and the conmen went ahead and started calling his family members to send urgent money, because they claimed he was in need of urgent medical attention 🤕.

Too bad. What happened to my friend? For those 8 hours? Who knows 😤😠but I can assure you, he is still traumatised.😣

Sadly, life moves on, but this doesn’t have to happen to you, so please take some precaution, before going for interviews, these precautions may include.

*Take time to look at the company website and background, before applying for jobs, I know applying for jobs is already taxing but please take some time to check if there is any recruitment in the official company website.
*Do not pay any money before getting a job.
*Go with a friend or request to meet at an open area where you feel safe if the interview is not in the company offices.
*Pray, I know it doesn’t seem like much but it may prevent you from a lot of tricks and lies.
*Listen to your mother or anyone around you, ask for their opinion before.

Please do share if you have any more tips or if you experienced such an ordeal so as to help anyone and everyone.

Guard your heart, and Stay Home.

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