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Unemployment Journal: DATING WHILE UNEMPLOYED.

I’m pissed by the way, I am because I’m supposed to be writing a story for some competition, I’m here writing this. Thanks for stopping by.

Syombua Ebole.

I had already written an article for today, but hmmm, people cannot stop talking about valentine’s day, I’m in the I do not give a F what day it is….I know I have to keep grinding and not focusing on other petty things, my heart is in the garage getting reconstructed, so its not ready for roses yet, but the whole world seems to be in a love mood.🙄🙄

Anyway, so dating while you are unemployed is a total waste of resources, don’t get me wrong I also think dating when you are the broke party is a disaster, especially if you are a guy, because of unfortunate societal double standards 🙁🙁.

My advice to the hustler male population, is that please if you cannot take care of yourself, don’t go asking other women to do it for you or trying to take care of them, for how can an empty heart lead another?

And well, the ladies have gotten things quite figured out this year, well I have brilliant female friends we’ve got our hearts figured by the way, have we though 🙃. I don’t know, women are complex.🤣😅

Ooh, I forgot I was writing for a second there, I am writing while watching the sunrise, some bird is flying from branch to branch on the avocado tree. I love catching the sunrise with its soft rays hitting my keyboard as I type, as once again I get the chance to connect with a stranger, hello there my beautiful reader.😊

I don’t necessarily like prepping for my writing, preparing my script, I know its something I am working on, and so it normally takes me longer before I prepare my brain. I keep writing this short posts to keep you occupied for a little while as you vumilia your sad unemployed lives.🙁

Now let’s talk about my writing, imagine at some point in my unemployment journey, my laptop decided to crash and my soul was crushed with it, I remember crying in the laptop shop, I couldn’t help myself, nothing was as therapeutic as writing for me, at the time. Well, in small doses every day, it was my way of connecting to the world.

So I cried in town, in the middle of the shop and nobody knew what to do with me, I excused myself and quickly rushed to the toilet, calling my friend in the process, it took us an hour to calm me down. What I didn’t know is that I wasn’t crying for my laptop or my writing, I was crying because of the fact that unemployment had stolen the opportunity for me to be able to do something about it. I was crying because I finally knew how it felt to be pushed to a corner and nothing in your hands, with only one light.

I will say this, unemployment will leave a scar, but still it will leave.😊

Happy valentines to the millennials who care, for my single ladies, I love you, guard your little heart, let God help you.💕💕

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