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Weight loss
I finally completed my 30 days and I feel amazing I have managed to lose a total of 5.8 Kgs (12.7 pounds). This was below my weight loss target expectation because at week 3, I got so busy sometimes I forgot to eat- it was like involuntary starvation mode. I’d mostly skip dinner which in turn, slowed down my metabolism and I barely managed to lose any weight at that time. At week four, I went back to my normal eating habits and that lead to my gradual weight loss.
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4 kgs lost in two weeks; 30 day low carb challenge.
Mental state
My no carb challenge has been a great achievement for me not only for my weight, but also on my general well-being. All through the challenge, I felt empowered and I was constantly happy (except when I was thinking about food). This challenge has given me a certain positive drive in life and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. My body surprised me with the amount of discipline levels it can possibly achieve when I set my mind to it and with the help of God. I prayed a lot and asked God for help to be able to achieve my target; and as gracious as He is, He saw me through the entire challenge.

Mental Attitude and discipline improved

General body changes

I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!

My body feels much more better and lighter and I can finally start seeing my stomach shrinking down, my arms too- these are my biggest problem areas. My skin is much smoother, am actually surprised, since I don’t remember the last time I had clear skin, though it is quite shiny. My nails look healthier and they are much stronger, I am considering growing them long. I have more clarity and less mood swings. This just makes me happier than I already am.

The downside
The low carb challenge though had me having a joint muscle ache. I researched it and it turns out that low carb and muscle joint pain have a connection (I may do an article about this in future when I have more information). I had a cheat meal when the muscle ache wouldn’t go away on its own and after an hour or two, the pain dissipated. During this week as well, l got kicked out of a healthy Facebook group for preaching low carb (which wasn’t exactly their message), so I learnt my lesson to share my articles in my own forums.

Getting back to the challenge after a week’s carb eating. Can hardly wait!!!!

So, I plan to go off the radar and stuff my face silly with carbs for a week, then I get myself back on track because I plan on sticking to my low carb diet plan for a long while; well at least until I get to my required weight target. I would recommend the challenge to someone who has a sugar problem. It gives you a certain discipline level and it makes one more adjustable to healthy eating habits. The low carb challenge can also be appropriate for mass weight loss over a short period of time, but it can be a tiny bit unsustainable in the long run. But when all is said and done I am happy about my new weight and my acquired healthy habits and yes, the challenge was totally worth it.

A lifestyle to live by!!
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