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So I have been trying to eat healthy since forever but to no avail since I am a slave to sugar; ice cream, caramel popcorn, chocolate, you name it, and I’ll be willing to devour it. I finally came to admit that I am a sweet tooth and I decided to challenge my addicted taste buds to completely cut out carbohydrates  from my diet and also for weight loss purposes.
Before I settled on this diet, I had tried other diets like egg diet, a 10-day juice fast, military diet, a vegan diet and general clean eating. Some I did managed to complete, while others I gave up in the middle. It was quite the struggle. So I then decided to try the low carb challenge. Despite having a slow start at the beginning, I’m enjoying the diet since it isn’t overly restrictive and I have a wide selection of protein that keep me feeling full for a longer time period.
Week 1, Day 7
Before breakfast:  1litre of lemon water, 5oo ml ginger water and 500 ml plain drinking water (Warm) , 500 ml green smoothie (green veggies and a fruit)
Breakfast:  A vegetables egg omelette (2 eggs), vegetables, a cup of white coffee
Lunch and dinner: this would either constitute of meat, liver, chicken, fish, (generally animal protein and all sorts of vegetables and salads)
Snacks: nuts, fried peas, fruits, carrots, cucumbers and salads
Vegetables: spinach, kales, cabbages, lettuce, green pepper, sweet bell pepper, Kenyan traditional vegetables, onions (served steamed or in salad form)
I reduced my milk intake to barely 100ml per day, no sugar intake and I took all kinds of fruits to a maximum of three in a day.
Before bed: 500 ml unfiltered ACV and baking soda (to reduce acidic properties in my body)
Total water: 3-5 liters everyday (1/2 a gallon)

green smoothie life

On the first few days I thought a lot about food and how I could just quit the diet before I got too deep in it (like I have on several diets), but after dreaming about ice cream and cake, I pushed myself and got the hang of it. Currently am in a better state since I definitely think less about food and when am really craving some food, I grab my water and if that doesn’t work I add a fruit to it and if it still doesn’t work a carrot or a cucumber, eventually I hope my cravings will decrease as I continue on the upcoming weeks.
I have always had a great digestive system, in that, in my normal lifestyle I have one bowel movement per day, which is quite healthy but my movements increased to up to three bowel movements in a day. I guess this is due to the massive intake of vegetables fruits and water at the beginning. Bowel movements have however now reduced to two times a day and there has been no diarrhea experienced.
I had withdrawal symptoms from all the sugar intake on the first few days and this included headaches and increased fatigue but at day 7, I feel less weak and tired, moreover, my sleep is more constant and has been restricted to 7 hours, not by my alarm but my body so that when I hit the 7 hours I am already awake and up (quite weird I guess). I stopped working out and only take long walks in the meantime.
I have since lost 2 kgs (4 pounds) and my waistline has reduced by an inch, since this diet is close to the ketosis diet, my nut intake is constant everyday and I dress my salads with olive oil. However, I do not overindulge in too much fat intake due to calorie reduction. I also take an avocado once in a while. I have also noted a general skin improvement since my skin is prone to acne. So far so awesome. I’ll give you guys another update at the end of week 2.

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  1. I really like this diet, and wish I could try it. However, as you have mentioned, the withdrawals in the first few days are real. Can’t go past the third day without feeling tired all day long.

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