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How water speeds up your weight loss process

Water is life, am sure you have heard this   phrase a lot of times. It is essential because about sixty percent of our body is made up of water. So how does water really help us lose weight?

  1. It prevents download-2your body from retaining water weight

Water weight is extra weight we gain because of lack of enough water. Our bodies assume a drought, that is, it senses that there is not enough water around it, so it retains water as a coping mechanism or a strategy to ensure that we do not have water deficiency. It is therefore very essential for us to drink water so as to make our bodies assume that there is plenty of water around us therefore releasing the stored water weight thus leading to loss of a few pounds. You’ll be surprised how much water weight you have retained. Reduction of salt intake makes this process more efficient.

  1. It helps in release of toxins and waste

Drinking enough water eases the flushing of harmful toxins from our bodies rather than them being stored due to lack of enough water. Our normal body waste, fecal matter, is easily egested out of our bodies when water consumption is high. Body waste is sometimes retained in our bodies due to lack of enough water to push it out. So if you do not visit the toilet for a long call at least once a day, it is essential to drink more water. Then again you’d be surprised how much fecal matter you hold in your body, drinking more water helps you lose it hence you can start picturing your perfect waistline, if you make water your best friend.

  1. Water helps you eat and drink less

You probably don’t believe it but sometimes our brain interprets thirst as hunger, so you end up grabbing a snack instead of just a glass of water. Drinking water often in a day will help you keep hunger at bay. It helps you eat fewer calories hence keeping you away from constant snacking and high calorie drinks like milk, soda and fruit juices. A study showed that drinking water before meals can help you eat less, about 75 calories less in one meal therefore leading up to 27,000 calories in an entire year. Imagine getting that flat tummy just because of water, something readily available and accessible to a large number of people.
I do not think I need to add more reasons, the gospel of drinking water, especially clean purified water, for good health a slimmer waistline, a less grumpy and tired you, less headaches; I mean the list is endless. So grab your glass of water, shove it down your throat (not the glass) and start thinking about your perfect body because it is about to happen but of course when it is accompanied with healthy eating and constant exercising.

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