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4 kgs lost in two weeks; 30 day low carb challenge.

My second week on the low carb challenge has been quite interesting. I have made a couple of adjustments and I am having an amazing time. I think I just might just start being one of those holier than thou people who preach clean eating, while constantly judging everyone they see taking junk food (I’ll try not to judge).
Here’s my link to my first week update for those who didn’t catch it.
Week 1: 30 days low carb challenge
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As I said earlier, I have made a few adjustments to my meals as compared to last week. This includes increasing my legume intake (beans, peas, lentils, green grams) for dinner and reducing on my meat and chicken intake at night to ease up pressure on my digestive system during the night, this is because both red and white meat take a considerable amount of time to be digested and should preferably be consumed during the day.
I have also switched from my green juice to a beetroot, carrot and apple smoothie (since it is much sweeter), and because I now eat more vegetables and salads.
My nut intake is now a constant , 50g of nuts per day to act as my fat supplement.
I have started taking a garlic clove every morning after my lemon water (it reduces cholesterol levels in the body). I take it like a morning pill because I cannot stand crushed garlic due its pungent smell.
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I have realized that when I see a certain food during the day, I may end up craving it at night or even the next day. I have therefore reduced my visuals of food and I generally avoid all kinds of Facebook pages and all social media outlets that expose me to food pictures. I have realized that one reason I had problems in my previous diets is because I would always look at food pictures online, which resulted in massive cravings and thus leading to cheating in diets or even quitting. Well not anymore, I have since become wiser and I am avoiding any food images that are not in my diet plan until I become stronger.

Escape. Running woman refuses to eating tasty cakes. Dieting
literally running away from my cravings

I have experienced diarrhea twice (not intense though), once when I skipped taking my baking soda + ACV water at night and had it first thing in the morning. I am yet to discover why, but I think I’ll just stick to my lemon water in the morning. The second time was when I introduced the beetroot juice into my system. I suppose it is due to its remarkable improvement on digestion, but since I adjusted to it, I have not had any other issues. I have one bowel movement sometimes two every day.
I had mild headaches half of the last three days. I did not know that I could experience withdrawal symptoms this far into the diet. I tried managing the headaches by increasing my water and salad intake but when they were too persistent, I opted to take a banana (I believe a banana is half fruit/half carb) due to its high carb content and its nutritious value, it worked magically and I have not had any headaches since.
I have been sleeping like a log, eight straight hours of sleep work for me and I wake up feeling fresh and energized in the morning.
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I did not reach my full expectations in week 2 since my main target was to lose 2 kgs per week, though I lost 1.9 kgs (4 pounds) (but at least I didn’t gain, right ?) So, I am going to work harder in week three. I am not working out intensely , I have my hour-long walks at least four days a week, and with the loss of another inch of my waistline am feeling super skinny already.
That was week 2 for me and I hope to continue giving you full updates until the final week of the challenge.

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  1. i hardly cant believe it.this is fantastic.u have now started challenging me.i beta start paying the debt in advance.GREAT EFFORT Dodu Nims

    1. Hey, I did it a while back, it was quite challanging, I lost 4kgs but I did alot of binge eating after that and i gained it all back.
      Have you tried it?

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