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Hacking Unemployment.

I have been in a mood, writing is proving to be quite a challenge, infact I forgot that I was to put up a blogpost today 🤫 . In life it is so easy to forget the reason you started. I pray that God will always remind us. So here is a continuation of last week’s blog post. Enjoy and apply 🙂.


4. Find a passion During the unemployment season as I was busy looking for jobs in every email address and every job app, I found out that I needed something to take my mind out of my cabbage state, and so I focused on my writing, my blogging, my social media pages and I worked on it. Set some rules, they will get you far because in life, once you figure out how to put your comfort aside for the greater good, even if the greater good is not visible, you will land somewhere.😇💫

5. Take care of your health With the COVID19 panic going around, it is very important to take care of your health and this essentially starts with what we eat, drink and do. I know it is hard to tell an unemployed person that this is the time you can get fit, but it’s true, this is the time you can experiment with your body, push it to see how far it can go and drink water, that cannot be stressed enough. (I am still struggling with the working out part by the way), but I always remind myself that life is a progress and every little thing I do over a consistent duration of time will eventually show.

6. Have fun So what, you hit a dark road and now you feel a little bit invaluable, you are not alone in the struggle, infact a huge chunk of Kenyan youths are in this struggle too, so go out, breath some fresh air, make new friends, learn new recipes, smile, meet amazing people on social media, visit those relatives that you missed but you never had time for, every single day, do something (or ten things) 🙂 that make you and the people around you happy.

And smile, have hope because a new dawn is coming and it better not catch you unawares.😁😁 Have a lovely week!😄. I’ll try harder next time. You should too 🙂.

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