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Hustler Diaries : How to Hack Unemployment

We need to have a talk first, apparently some of you decided that simply because I was sharing my unemployment struggle, that I was in dire need of help, well thank you all for your concerns I appreciate you, but I share my pain because sometimes we all bleed the same.


Unemployment is a big issue in Kenya that does not seem to be getting wings to fly away soon, so I write because I know some people feel the pain, the confusion and I want us to figure this out together, after all, two are better than one.

I have been at this game for a while, I graduated expecting to get a paycheck on my doorstep, a sustainable job because of my acquired expertise gotten from school, but nothing came along. I am not completely angry about this now, because God has been faithful and maybe, just maybe I needed to learn a few life skills after college before I jumped into the bandwagon of that consistent paycheck that sometimes comes with strings attached.

So here are a few things I have picked up along the way.

When I first joined the hustlers club, I had whack (for lack of a better word) principles, I would try be disciplined for a day or two in a week and then fall in my self-loving, lazy habits such as binge watching, social media and other bad habits that should not be mentioned here. I hope you get the point though, sooner rather than later my bad habits caught up with me leading to guilt, depression and even self-blame. I finally came to realize that to end unemployment you have to find it in yourself to step up, to work hard even in the insignificant thing like house chores.

Do not be a burden.
Yes, you have no stable source of income or none at all, do not be a nuisance to the people around you, regular Kenyan parents may start limiting your resources and you may find your needs increasing, do not take this chance to borrow money from every Kamau, Mwende and Otieno. Remember the Kenyan economy is not any better 😬😔 and your aunties and uncles have needs and dependents too, instead find a way to work around your predicaments, small jobs like washing their cars or replacing their nannies may help you survive, if you do not want to participate in Kazi ya mikono then limit your needs, I mean downgrade your life.🤨

Invest in yourself
If there is anything I discovered during my hustler days, it was the power of books, I finally noticed those books on the shelves that had been gathering dust after years of me avoiding them like Corona. I am happy to say that these books are now some of my greatest friends and teachers, they are an economical way to pass the limitless hours you have on your hands and sharpen your brain as you wait for something better to come along.

Something better will, come along, everyone has their own time to shine, but the difference between you and the next person might be the effort you put in as you wait. So stay woke, and don’t mellow, guard your heart and sharpen your passion, after all, maybe you needed the break, maybe you needed to slow down, shut the outside voices and listen to yourself, listen. 😁

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