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INCREASING UNCERTAINITIES: Increasing gruesomeness in Kenya

I had a mental health blog post story set up to go today. But then a friend of mine texted me. Here are his words. As for bloggers like yourself I know you have something to write on the state of present day relationships that has recently hit headlines where friends and partners have turned wild against one another buttering,butchering and conducting unscrupulous, ungodly acts. What could be the problem if not maybe wrong choices or lack of genuineness in relationships or materialism or unveiling of prophecies or….name it.

What’s your perspective as a mental health blogger on such a topic. Mine is that pple need to consider relationships in a futuristic scope as a long-term binding decision that one has to make consciously and with the help of payer and inline with coherent priorities, perspectives and with much patience.I recently went to one person whom I believed was wise enough to share with him my thoughts of what I desire and after letting me speak he told me that Rome wasn’t built in a day and good things comes with patience, trust in God and devotion. Something that has made me to consider revising my hypothesis, and take life at it’s pace. “What’s your opinion on this matter?” He asked.

I have read the papers, the tweets, the back and forth arguments. Honestly I don’t know the whole story. Or the several stories that come with relationships, because each relationship is unique to the people involved. My cousin says this country needs prayers, my friends keep on debating and switching blame on different parties. I read a very informative and possibly worth solution on the newspaper. The writer said how having trained professionals especially in schools to teach young growing adults on the value of life. The importance of self dependance and that suicide, murder or both just to prove a point isn’t the ultimate solution.

Life is precious but the mind is complex and yet to be fully understood. There is alot of mental health issues being adress and the fact that more people keep talking about it increases the level of awareness which is remarkable, right?

The problem comes in when young people are meant to believe that the basic things like sadness or anxiety are not normal. Being sad is normal, when bad things happen human beings feel sad, these are not negative feelings that should be avoided, it is okay to cry on the occurence of things like death, the seperation from a patner or even just a bad day. These feelings are normal. I read this from a facebook post and tend to agree.

In the normal day and age, social media can be one of the leading factors of the increased mental health issues. Some unconclusive research showed that some Tv programs may seem to glorify the idea of suicide, rooting deep even to children shows.

A friend of mine quit social media, simply because she said it would maybe drive her crazy. She wasn’t willing to take the chance. While life problems have always been happening since time in memorial, more spotlight is put on every horrifying thing that happens in life and this may tend to project the world in a certain type of way. I asked a friend what he thought of the increasing violence among lovers and he simply said that most of our girls have been taught to depend on men. They take money and all sorts of suppport from men and this makes the men feel like they own them. “Not that I condone any reliance”, he said, “but I think that ladies should rely on themselves a man should never feel like they own a woman.”

I think that more physchological centres should be set up in every institution. That we should take more time as parents to teach our kids the value of life. And as everyone in general, we should listen more, talk more and maybe sometimes put the phone down and just live. Relationships are just as complex as the brain and maybe people should put extra thought into them just as my friend said in the beggining.

These is just my opinion. My sincere apologies to anyone affected or is just in a deep place at the moment. Tomorow might be a better day. Let’s keep living and hoping.

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16 comments on “INCREASING UNCERTAINITIES: Increasing gruesomeness in Kenya

  1. This is the sad truth that we all have to live for. And unless people understand the value of life, we shall keep waking up to more sad and devastating news each day.

  2. Thanks Nimo for shedding light on this issue .Young people need to understand that life is full of ups and downs .

  3. Well articulated..i also think us young people we need to learn that, there are better ways of expressing our displeasures other than violence…

  4. The mind is complex.. Honestly, it’s a maze if you ask me… But one thing stands absolute & unanimous; Life Is Priceless. No one has the right to take or own it.

  5. Bold statements over there! I agree most of this love related conflicts are a societal problem and as such psychological counseling is key. This has to start at the very basic learning institutions. It’s laughable parliament thinks it can probe and find solutions to this.

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