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We all most probably have felt like we have been treated less than we deserve. The truth is that its life, you just have to recover and move on. Life is a mixture of pain and happiness, and the sooner you release toxins from your body the better, so we all need to forgive and move on, either give the other person a second chance with a clear manual and about how you expect to be treated or you cut the people off.


I know it sounds rough and brutal but the reality is that, when some people are given more chances over and over again, they make you doubt yourself, they make you loose the person you have always thought you were and they even make you feel guilty for their failures and mistakes 🙁.

Sometimes cutting people off is for the both of you, it either sets them off to the next person or makes them believe that there are good people in this world, but these good people also need to take care of themselves.

Anyway, so yes, still unemployed, we changed word to someone looking for alternative financial resources, so in the meantime, we’ll change the name to hustler, making it more appealing and less depressing.

So, I was watching this series on Netflix called What the Love, I mean reality shows are stepping it up nowadays by the way. You should go check it out.

I worked out, today, you would think that I have fixed my workout schedule by now when I have so much time being a “hustler”😂, but I haven’t of late I have been doing anything but work out, I’ve been pampering myself with healthy food.

Here is how I survived 2019, faith, hope, mercy and grace, you do get the point, it was a hard year, but I met amazing people and grew so much, so I’m not salty about it, I’m not yet there, but God has taught me to take my time and uterlise my resources.

Adios😊! Keep warm this week ☕🍵

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