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It’s the month to celebrate mothers.

When I woke up one day and decided to be a natural hair girl, my mother took me to town, bought me all the products I needed. I week later I gave up the natural hair journey, maybe because of inadequate research or just sheer laziness, but my mom, she did not go ranting about all the money we spend on the products and as you might know they cost a pretty penny. That is just a tip of the iceberg of a mother’s love. Besides the love of Jesus, I don’t think there’s a love greater than this, maybe equally great but definitely not as good.

A mother’s love is pure, it doesn’t batter you because the beating from a mother comes with love, for correction. It doesn’t rebuke you out of anger because of hatred and resentment, but it corrects you in love because it is interested in you having the best life you can. A mother’s love is selfless, that mother who sits on the street bench watching her kids eat before they go off to a school that she has toiled day and night to afford, and she smiles, like it’s all going to be okay, but she has no idea where her next meal will come from, but as long as her children are happy, she can survive, hell! She can even starve to death. That is how selfless a mother’s love is.

Am I saying that mothers are heroes, yes, they are! They stay in bad marriages, because of the children, they cry into their pillows at night, their pillows never being of comfort till a few minutes before the sun rises, then they wake up to get the whole family ready before even they do themselves. They do the most for those they love, they persevere, they cry alone because they always have to show a brave face to their children. Because their children need to think of them as super women. They quit the jobs they love so as to be able to raise their children, they strive for clean houses, good healthy food on the table and strive for normalcy for their children, who mostly are their only joy.

Since this month is the month where mothers are celebrated, I am going to be sharing stories about mothers and motherhood in general. It´s going to be fun, yeeey!

One last story with my mother before I go, when I was young, I hated school so much, to the point that I would say anything, just to stay at home. My mother put up with my games long enough. One no nonsense morning she decided to put an end to it. She woke me up and after realising that no number of headaches or stomach aches (that disappeared immediately she left for work) could help me this time. I got dressed, had breakfast and just as we were leaving for school, I bolted. She had to pace herself, running after me for almost half an hour. I wonder what she was thinking, maybe with this child of mine I no longer need a gym membership, or dang it I´m going to be late for work and on top of that I´m sweaty.

She didn´t give me a whooping when she finally caught up with me, instead she talked to me. A talk that led me to changing schools, and just like that, even as a child, I felt that my opinions mattered. So, cheers to the good moms out there, those who toil for their babies, those who listen and spend time with their children. Happy Mother´s day!

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