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I have written this story twice, but I never quite get there yet (a creatives mirage expression of their work). I was not at peace with the two stories so I will not bore you with them, I know reading is a really hard task to some of you. Have you ever tried listening instead, you should? Instead I have decided to go down to the drawing board, I have decided to write again. Starting with pen and paper, for what is purer for a writer than a pen filled with ink. Or a fresh manicure to enjoy as she types.
The story of this boy, touched my heart, and I began questioning my life choices, this is the boy whose life started with hard rocks. The kind of boy who you would nurse with githeri instead of milk. The kind of buy who takes hard situations, laughs at them and walks past them like a stranger passing, because he finally got to realised what really matters, his purpose is generosity.

I am seated next to him, with my perfect life, flourishing as I do part time writing, and he questions what I do for a living. I wonder how a boy who saw his little brother take his last breath when he was just six, how a boy who fasted and prayed because that is what he had been taught. Prayer, fasting, God, makes everything better. But there he was burying his little brother and he gave up on God. A six-year-old non believer, no morals, no guidelines because the Sunday school teacher lied to him.

We can all guess how this story ends, he lost his virginity at an early age, sleeping around, no one believed in him, everyone gave up on him when he was a child, his parents thought he was a troubled kid and instead took away his birthday parties as a punishment. He was bullying everyone around and at home his sisters would bully him, you have to be an angel to live in this situation without blowing up. He retrieved to himself, he would spend hours in his room, he would draw what he felt. He ended up drawing things that scare him about human beings, how shallow we can all choose to be.

His popular name at home was Onyancha because by the time he was ten he had already stubbed someone’s foot with a rusty metal, he accepted himself as a troubled kid, he embraced his bad sides, he started selling drugs, pushing back on bullies by the time he was in high school he was a dealer. He cannot count the numerous times his mother begged the principle to spare him from another expulsion. He had failed in life; he made his mother cry. This made him sleep around some more, to quench a thirst that he himself could not understand.

But life has a funny way of always pushing back a little bit of hope, he met a girl who loved him, despite everything, despite what people said about him, despite him pushing her away she came back for him, and he finally understood the meaning of life, he had been rejected for so long that he did not know how love felt. But there she was teaching him photography and acting, she invested her time in him and maybe just then he felt like he could finally open his heart to the world.

As much us life gives us hopes, pia iko na jokes. On one Sunday afternoon, he received a call, it was from the hospital, she had died in the hospital with her family through a road accident. He could not comprehend his emotions, as he walked to go identify her, he wondered why it was sunny outside, the sun should not be shining on this day. He did hot understand why life gave her to him for only a year.

Another death and he had to, had to, everyone kept telling him life goes on. He wondered if she asked the doctor to call him before she died, he wondered why she had to come make him experience this feeling of love and just leave. He had a choice to cry and groan and kill himself, but he chose to remember her through his photography and acting.

He met this guy called Jesus. His name is Omondi, if you were wondering. Omondi was acting in a play, the Jesus play for Easter, the more he acted, the more he became curious of this super cool guy. And as the deep thinker that he was he went and learned about Jesus. He felt like it was a sweet deal to be loved for free. He also learned through this relationship that he loved kids, he started learning more about himself. He felt like he was changing, he stopped drinking focus on his grades school. He began enjoying his life. He found his validation from himself, its like God stamped him for final approval to life.

Do you remember the game life was playing a game? It played him again and boom! An inoperable tumour landed in his Medulla oblongata. I will not bother you with more sad stories, because as he was talking to me, I was felt lucky, but for some reason he felt like a happier person and I could not comprehend why.
He says that as he laid on his death bed, he was so ready to die to leave this earth. That he was finally not the one thinking of taking his life, he had a confirmation that God wanted to chill in heaven and he was ready.

GIRLFRIEND. 0.5. 0.5
CANCER. 1. 0

As you can see our brother was fully excited to finally score a goal by dying, but life had better plan for him, he got healed,he cannot explain it, he still has the tumour, the pain is not there. But he learnt how to grow up, he learnt how to give back to the society, he has done an admirable job, and at the moment I said goodbye to him, I was still wondering why he was so happy.

How to identify depression in children.

According to Dr. google, depression in kids is more similar to that of adults, so low moods, withdrawal from normal activities or those that a child used to enjoy. Some children even get sicknesses such as headaches that do not get cured, Dr. google advices us that children just like adults can have moods, they can be sad or happy during different stages of growing which is quite normal and children should be allowed to feel their feelings. Constant communication with children is also advised to create an open and honest relationship between a parent and a child.

According to Dr. me ……just talk to your child and tell them you love them constantly, because just like adults’ words of affirmation, especially from parents create a huge role in the way the child develops (even Jesus prayed).

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