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La Familia Hope Initiative

This is a pictorial blog, I have been avoiding the keyboard, a writer’s dilemma. But hi. How have you been? 🙂. I hope you are well.

So, the Community Based Organisation (CBO) is in Kibagare. It was started by Johnte to protect the young children in the Kangemi based slum.

The children are lively and precious, they are welcoming and full of life, delightful humans ❤.

They play this nerve wrecking game, oh sorry, they actually perform in live events. So you can contact @stephenjohn.njoroge to hire their entertainment services.

Life has not been rosy during the Corona season. Four girls got pregnant but Johnte has been upholding the law against child molestation and is also working with the local authorities to make sure the kids are protected.

There are some older rehabilitated girls, who have a football team for competitions (once things resume to normal). I did not get to meet them but at the right time, I will.

I can’t really talk about what the child is drinking…..but God protects His own.🙏 We should also do better as a community.

Thank you all who respond to the call to help the needy and the vulnerable of Kibagare. Gratitude is in our hearts.

If you have the capacity to share please do.

Vumbi The Song.

Facebook page: La familia Hope initiative .

Do have a lovely weekend 😊.

Guard your heart ❤.

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