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The donkey had been loyal to its master, working off its ass.It had been a good day until the donkey fell into a pit on its way home.She tried to bray, climb and even scream like the humans but no one heard her,not even the master.The pit was dark,cold and a good metres below the earths surface.Night came and went yet no one came to her rescue.She brayed louder but no one heard her.Eventually,she gave up trying, embraced the cold, the dark and self pity.She was on the verge of death.This is what depression feels like.I cannot paint a picture vivid enough to describe depression because it is not a singular experience for us all.when you wake up and dissapointment hits you because you’re still alive, yet, with no one to share your burden.Fear has become your confidant and overthinking beats your undies.You’re constantly in a psychological battle,fighting voices that don’t cease reminding you of your insufficiencies.You become a slave to solitude and lethargy.
Your high days are characterized by intoxication with sleep,movies,sex, drugs and melancholic music to numb the pain and keep off thoughts.In any case,you dont feel a thing.No identity, worth or self recognition.Supposing they asked you who you are, you wouldn’t have a response.
Other peoples’ success stories and joyful moments remind you of your failures. Thousands of friends on your phonebook but none of them warrant a call.

The pressure to get a car because all your friends do, get married by thirty and superficial societal timelines.
Most of them say just stick it out, pray, work harder, or even be more patient yet they don’t realize that carrying out any physical activity while under depression requires super human strength.Antidepressants make you fat, lethargic,nauseated and fatigued yet when people look at you they see laziness.When it gets to this point the only option left is to call it quits, heaven will probably be friendlier.

You only get pieces of peace of mind while everyone else is feasting on whole meal peace of mind.This is to remind you that you are loved.You are allowed to experience pain and experience self doubt sometimes.Everyone who possesses body cells and a beating heart goes through phases of disappointment.Your heart can crumble and that’s okay because you’re human.More so, there’s no shame in talking about it.Truth is,those who walk tall everyday constantly trying to keep it together are actually worst hit.They walk with tape and walls in their bags to put themselves together.

Keeping up an emotional lie is more exhausting. People are made for each other, to talk, coexist and ease the burden of lifeWe need to sound the alarm bells because depression is slowly taking up the mantle for extinction of the human being.
Dare to go to war against the voices inside your mind.Dare to go against the feeling of lethargy in your body and walk a few meters or do a few push ups.Dare to talk to someone. Dare to eat garden salad instead of the burger. Dare to seek professional help.Dare to meditate often to quiet your mind from the negative thoughts.Think only positively and affirm good thoughts over the direction of your life even when your mind says no.All this in bid to get rid of depression and help you cope overtime.

Depression will not magically disappear,you got to act to that and the best way to do this is through coping mechanisms.


1.physical exercise; take them laps!
2.Positive affirmations
3.Proper diet(lots of antioxidants)
4.Talk therapy(talk to someone!)
5.Professional help(psychotherapy)
6.creative arts (painting,spoken word et al)
7.Get involved in a support group
8.Music therapyDepression can and is a monster, but you are and will always be the master of your life!Take the first step, talk to someone.!

This lovely piece was written by Annita a lovely therapist and a good friend. If you need to talk let her know in the comment section.Happy new month!
Photography: @articlephotographie

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  1. It’s super awesome, that someone’s actually taking the step to create awareness on mental health.. Empowering! Great Stuff.

  2. This post is amazing. I’m not an open person in nature, but when it comes to mental health, you hit a soft spot. Thus, demanding health for both body and mind should be part of one’s life. But a person has to decide within himself (or herself) whether you really need help… Especially when attempting to solve the issue on your own no longer becomes a solution,just a cycle with the same results over and over again…

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