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Neither fear nor doubt.

I have not touched my keyboard to write in more than twenty days, now, for someone who prides herself in her writing this has been a little heartbreaking on my end, every time I tried to start, the hands, the will power and the brain refused to collaborate, but I thank the Lord that with the constant nagging from the little voice at the back of my head, we are here, trying out new things, I hope you enjoy and bear with me as I try to find my voice again.🙂😃

Matthew 9:18-26 Jesus Raised a Dead Girl and Heals a Sick Woman

I have read this scripture over and over again, but this year this scripture hit me differently. At the beginning of the year when everything was dark and grey and I was just trying to get myself through the waves of life that seemed way too much for me to bear, I came across Sarah Jakes Roberts on YouTube.

I had no idea who she was at the time, but after running away from God for a long time, I was exhausted😪😪 and I just needed a word, and God provided a fashionable woman to deliver his word.
Her outfit drew me to the sermon😅🤣 my brain could barely contemplate that a beautiful, fashionable woman could deliver God’s word on such a platform.🙏

I cried, of course I cried, the sermon title, Girl, get up! was the beginning of my awakening, and I am forever grateful that the sermon landed on my feed.

Fast forward to a few months later of binge watching sermons and turning God’s word into my Netflix, I met Robert Madu {on YouTube still} , the same word, explained in a different way, titled, Get out, I did not cry this time, but I was amazed by how God’s word could be interpreted in such a way that a simple person like me can resonate, the word of God is for everyone.

Matthew 9:24
He said, “Go away. The girl is not dead but asleep.” But they laughed at him.

But they laughed at him, they laughed at Jesus when he got into the synagogue’s leaders house, they laughed at Jesus, can you imagine laughing at Jesus, as Robert Madu puts it, sometimes you have to tell those laughing at you to leave, the environment you are in can affect everything, sometimes you have to push away those people laughing at your dreams, because you need a quiet place to mold yourself and the voices outside can lead you to tumble and crash.🤔🤔 We don’t want that do we?

There is something I constantly whisper to myself every time fear and doubt creeps in my mind.
Stop that! God does not like fear or doubt.
At such uncertain times when the world is at a standstill, fear tends to creep into to our brains, yes, the cases of depression have probably sky rocketed due to the effects of the Corona virus. Death, isolation and stagnation have become a norm in the news, keeping yourself sane during such hard times has become a daily task, because the future is uncertain, our future is foggy, but as a believer I have learnt to live by faith, I have learnt to trust that everything will turn out okay.

Romans 8:28

I am not saying that things are smooth sailing for me, no, coming from 2019 a year where I presented my resolution to travel more to God and He was merciful enough to grant my wish, hence this was once a travel blog🤣🤣 (bear with me), and now I sit in the house most days, going outside is an uphill task, anxiety and fear creeps in, it is hard, but I do know that even during times of suffering, God comes down in the struggle with me, that even though I weep out to him, with no certain responses, at the end of the day, I still believe that he listens to each prayer, and at his own time, he will answer my cries.

Yes, I am passing down the mantle of hope to you, and I do pray that you pass it to everyone else around you. Even though it may be hard to believe because the future seems foggy, believe that God’s ways are higher than man’s and some of the things happening cannot be comprehended by the human mind.

I wrote an article about creating a safe space, create a place where those outside voices from the news, the negative people around you, a place where they cannot reach you, make this place your mind, it is a great weapon and once you push every doubt away and focus on the good things life has to offer, taking things one day at a time becomes enjoyable, faith.

Even Jesus asked them out of the room, so that he could heal the little girl, so if you need to cut people off to preserve your peace of mind, go ahead and do it, and no if someone has every intention to cause you ulcers and raise your blood pressure, or ignite your anxiety, I don’t believe they were meant to still be in your mind, your mind is your own, your mind is personal, your mind is for you and God.

I pray that God may protect you and everyone connected to you during these trying times and may you spread the cheer everyone needs.

I happened to be in the CBD just after the president announced the lockdown, it was about 5pm there were no matatus cruising through town, my stage was relatively full of waiting passengers, and I needed to get home before the 7pm curfew to avoid a police whooping. There is an alternative route, but every time since forever I had never gotten those Matatus during rush hour, but on this day, God whispered, just go check, I was reluctant due to my previous fails but I still went anyway, of course it was after the inner voice whispered……
Stop that! God does not like fear or doubt.
Yes, for once in about 2 years I found the Matatus readily available and I did make it home before the 7pm whooping.😁😁

Have a lovely week and enjoy the little things.

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