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The Art of giving.


There’s this beggar in my hometown, a sweet old blind lady who speaks mostly her native language and begs for money, to support her children. In return each year she gives us an update on how her kids are doing in school. So, one day she comes into a matatu I’ve boarded and does her usual {begging}, when she is done, she leaves the bus, takes a seat by the roadside, and starts a full-on gratitude prayer. Holding the little money, she had to God, she smiles, sheer joy, I presume. I literally teared up for a second, and like a triggered response, found myself in prayer for her. How often do we get large sums of money or good fortune from God but forget to be grateful? I know it does sound cliché, but this woman did this prayer after every matatu she went in and sometimes she prayed for the people too, even when she got nothing {I observed her for a while}.

I had this “homey”, a homeless guy who lived near my apartment complex {hence my homey without a home}. I gave him water to wash up every once in a while, one day I got into serious trouble and he came to my rescue, telling everyone he could, that I did nothing wrong. He didn’t even have any assurance that I didn’t, but he stood by my side. When I heard this I teared up, how often do we normally think that a homeless person can’t help us in any way. Every time I see him, he reminds me of the complicated fact of humanity, he’s not exactly the best person, but for me I found a friend in him. He gave me emotional support at that point in my life.

The fact of life is, every time we give, we get a feeling of fulfillment, at least I do. We feel nice knowing that the little we have can be shared, that it can help feed someone. So, if you my beautiful or handsome reader haven’t already, please pick up one or two beggars or street kids and make it your mission to help them at least once in a while. It never hurts to give that 10 bob, and occasionally remember them in a prayer. I am not trying to enable begging, nor am I saying that it should be glorified, all I am saying is that it takes a lot of courage for one to sit on the side of the road to beg. But I wouldn’t know, my facts may be corrupt because I have no full story, of why some mothers sit by the road with their kids and even triplets begging, but one thing I know is that occasionally helping that beggar will not break your back. And so, what if they are taking advantage? If you can change the situation go ahead and do so, but if you can’t then please spare them some change.

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