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Unemployment journal. Iโ€™m Dreamy

Okay, we have to drop some lies, I think I owe you this much truth, so here we go. Sometimes it feels better sending those application emails at 2 am other than early in the morning, because, letโ€™s just be honest, when you are unemployed or in charge of your sleep schedule, you kind of ruin it sometimes, because why not, being up at night typing in the middle of all the calm, and dreaming about the jobs you have applied for and that range that you might or might not be able to buy at thirty.๐Ÿ˜€


There is something divine about working at night though, most people have “sucky” sleeping patterns and hence the term, I am a night person. I have to inform you that I am not a night person at all, I am more of a morning person, six am watching the sun rise as I read a good book and praying kind of person. There is just something about the morning too, which cancels out my initial point.

Moving on swiftly, as much as I am broque and I have so much free time, I keep dreaming that I’ll get a break. I have learnt to live a happy medium in this “awful” chapter of my life. I have learnt to take my time in doing some of the things that I highly neglected for the better part of my life, because everything was always moving so fast.

I decided to find myself, this lifestyle has become more applicable after I started listening to the people around me, telling me to take my time, that life is not running away and that I am not supposed to chase it but actually live it. If you are wondering, this advice is true.

I started with the simple things like reading books, I mean I did not actually know that school can be fun until campus, I mean campus is like the icing cream on the cake before life punches you in the stomach {unless you are in med school or those serious courses}, then campus becomes more like high school and in return life reduces its punches on you, everyone loves doctors, you know.๐Ÿ™ƒ

Anyway back to my simple things, reading, praying, listening to podcasts, a million TEDx talks and discovering new comedies, re-watching old shows on Netflix as I try to figure out the base of the story and why the Hollywood entertainment system is always thriving, and dreaming, I spend a lot of my time dreaming.

I got a call from a job I applied to recently, they told me they will call me on Monday, and boy! Was I happy, I still am, I have even started packing, I mean, I havenโ€™t even gotten the job yet, but I have activated this crazy faith, I am already dreaming of my small tiny minimalistic house, which will be easier to clean, a safe space where I will be allowed to be myself and pay my bills, my journey to being the miss independent I have always dreamt of being.

Ooops I dreamt too much I have dished you more words, forgive me, I am a dreamer.

Have a nice day and keep chasing those dreams!
The job tanked by the way, so we are back to unpacking ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™.

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  1. Its so unfair that life does not go as planned . I have also had numerous job rejections and MIA even after acing interviews. But guess what , Take a break cry it out and bounce back up. Keep looking and praying .

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