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Unemployment Journal: The Merry Days

Life will bring you pain by itself, Your responsibility is to create joy. Milton Erickson

These days I pray before I leave the house, I pray every time because honestly, these are not like my campus days, the merry days, where I could leave the house and just “carelessly” mishandle my phone by the matatu window and it goes away, these days I have come to be more aware that because of our friend unemployment, I cannot participate in such nonsense. How will I recover? And that is the sad reality of life.

Do you remember the way you were treated in campus, I remember, I was given my freedom and with it came some free pocket money, some paid internships and praises from everyone telling you how good it is to study. That is the time, some of us got the Kenyan stamp of approval. Heh, we didn´t know that this love was well short-lived, after the money we accumulated on our graduation parties, that was it, the roles started shifting. So fast we didn´t have the time to catch a breath, leading to reoccurring depressions, loss of the self confidence, honestly the list is long.

Anyway, the story is that we are suffering, some of us at internships that don´t pay for years some of us working as cleaners in institutions, some of us gravitating towards sleeping as a career, because even the casual jobs are hard to come by. We thought we were going to do something with our science degrees now they just sit there catching dust as we serve as tea girls who apply to a million jobs every single morning before we start the day.

We still believe the applications diced with a little prayer, mad skills we have acquired through teacher youtube, the degree, or diploma, can be a good insurance policy for that job, right? Oh dreams!

We whisper little prayers, until time passes and we find another job to dedicate our prayers to again, the truth is we are just tired, we just want to work hard and make money, but time will tell right? We keep hoping and praying for miracles. A break.

As you can see I pray a lot, these days, I pray that God may give me wisdom, to see what is beyond and to believe that better days are coming, it might not seem like that for a while, maybe I may have to shape up and reconstruct my mentality, because I did not see this coming, for a long time my eyes were shielded from the world, my merry days.

“They will soon come again,” our relatives and friends who escaped this prevalent unemployment issue say this to us time and time again, but maybe it is time some of us stopped waiting for help, by look for alternative solutions, because a different perspective never hurt anyone, start the business, follow the passion as you wait, you never know you might find something beautiful along the way, as long as you just don’t sit and wait. The merry days will surely come again! 😊

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