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Unemployment Journal: The Start.

Hi I thought, maybe I should start journaling my pain, because, why not, I can literally use writing as my therapy. Let me tell you the thing artists don´t tell you about their work, they love it too. So as much as I am a self-acclaimed writer, because honestly, I have nothing better to do, because, here we are me typing as I clean the house.

Says God.

Unemployment has turned me into a good cleaner, infact the other day I was offered a cleaning job, I was ready to take it, till it tanked 🙁.

For some reason that might be the only constructive work I may do in a day, as an unemployed graduate, most of the times,I am busy occupied, applying for jobs, getting little hustles, here and there, but nothing satisfactory, but in the morning, I still wake up to a million messages from aunties and uncles directing me to a link I am too familiar with, I still apply, faith, I wonder if I have stupid faith.

No one, ever told you how important making money will be, nobody actually said that going to university would be such ‘a waste of time’, they do now, but that´s because unemployment had never been presented as an option to you after campus, because everyone said it, get the papers and you are good to go, and blindly you followed in faith.

Ahhh let me tell you guys a story, so I got so desperate, I applied for one of these cute jobs to Qatar, but my heart was not for going there, and I also failed the interview.🙃

As bad as the system is, I still believe in the system, I still believe in our country, I still believe that something will come up soon as so I keep believing and applying, it takes a lot of faith and time, patience and prayers. I cannot tell you how much my spiritual life has thrived through this, it’s the one other productive thing I have to present for my free time.

If you are wondering how I got myself to sit down and type this short story, its because it is a rainy day, no sun up, so I was forced to do the one thing I am constantly procrastinating, huh yeah, the sun, my source of joy, unemployment has taught me to appreciate the little things, especially the free ones 😂.

I am now a yoga person who enjoys walking on the grass barefoot, I know, I may have overdone it, but C’mon, I read books, quite a lot actually, I am becoming and old person people, somebody save me!

Okay bye, tune in for another unemployment journal next week if you enjoyed this one, I know 500 words, millennials and reading are not good words put together, millennials and hustle though, we`ve got this covered, right?

Enjoy your day, if you hate your 8-5, sorry we are busy here almost eating grass, vumilia, ama? I don’t know. I am no wizard. Everyone is struggling with something.

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