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An Afternoon at the snake park.

Have you ever been around town, having a couple of hours to spare and wonder what you could do? Well, the Nairobi National Museum is the ideal location, from the ancient museum, carrying a lot of culture and history to the snake park and the beautiful aquarium.

We got to the snake park in the afternoon, the outdoor setting at the museum is breathtaking. So beautiful yet so simple. We started at the free museum picnic site or park, just beside the Nairobi river, it is a quiet place full of trees and grass, just a serene calm place in the noisy town.

We then headed to the snake park, naturally having a snake phobia, I was scared, but I needed to face my fears, to try to reduce the fear and the long line of myths associated with snakes.

The snake park is airy, starting with an open space of non-toxic snakes and reptiles such as tortoises and lizards. Some of the snakes are beautiful like the grass snake and the boomslang.

They had so many species of snakes ranging from the black mamba (which is the most popular and not black ironically). The black mamba is one of the deadliest snakes in Africa. The African rock python is one of the heaviest snakes they have, it can weigh up to 300 pounds!

They also have an alligator which is not a native Kenyan species, the alligator is over 50 years old and has spent these years in solitude. That is the true meaning of self-love I believe. It is expected to spend around the same number of times in solitude itself. The crocodiles are both small and big, they live beautifully coexisting among one another.

We headed on to the marine section, ranging from the freshwater fish to the salty water, they have quite a collection of beautiful marine fish and are expected to add more fish in their collection.


Did you know that there is a fish that changes gender depending on the situation in the ocean? Apparently, several fish species such as clownfish, wrasses, and gobies can do a sex change including reproductive functions. The clownfish hierarchy is built with a female fish at the top. When she dies the most dominant male changes sex and takes her place. Interesting right?

How about you visit the Nairobi National museum the next time you´re in Nairobi and have a couple of hours to spare. The experience will be phenomenal.


  • Citizens are charged Ksh 200 for the snake park and 200 for the museum. A combined ticket is Ksh 300. Kids are charged Ksh 100 for the snake park and Ksh 100 for museum. Ksh 150 for a combined ticket.
  • Residents adults are charged Ksh 600 for the museum and Ksh 400 for the snake park. A combined ticket is Ksh 600. Children are charged Ksh 400 for museum Ksh 200 for snake park and Ksh 300 for a combined ticket.
  • Non residents are charged Ksh 1,200 for museum and Ksh 1200 for snake park, Ksh 1500 for combined tickets. Kids are charged Ksh 600 for museum, Ksh 600 for snake park and Ksh 1000 for a combined ticket.
  • The museum is open everyday including weekends and national holidays from 8:30 Am to 5:30 Pm. :30 Am to 5:30 Pm.

Have a lovely weekend!

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