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Art and Nature: Banana Hill Art Gallery and Ruaka Falls.

Banana Hill Art Gallery

Honestly, I do not have a lot of words to express this experience, I just woke up one day, googled galleries around me and found Banana Hill Art Gallery. Yes, I was looking for an affordable piece to hang in my room. So off I went to explore!

There´s always this feeling I get when I go into an art gallery-like you are stepping into a creative space, a place full of positive energy, quiet, peaceful and so inspired.

The large African contemporary collection was delightful to look at, while I basically know nothing about art, I found what I was looking for. The art gallery also had interesting sculptures.

While the art gallery has been highly criticized for its location, I found it delightful and accessible to the local Kenyan, it also has ample parking space. The art gallery houses a number of local artists, so if you are an art enthusiast why not give it a try, or maybe if you are looking for an affordable contemporary art piece.

Ruaka Falls

This was another hidden gem for me, in all my years of going to or passing through Ruaka town, I did not know that in the heart of the town, there lies a waterfall, though a bit polluted due to its location, it still makes a stunning place to unwind in the middle of the quite busy town.

It lies at the Ruaka stage to town, a hotel La Miguel Hotel, hosts the waterfall. It is also a popular picnic and wedding grounds location in Ruaka, so anytime you crave the feel of nature when near Ruaka why not pass by the waterfall and rejuvenate yourself.

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