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I remember watching Chaka ranch advertisements on Citizen Tv and I would wish to visit that magical, fun filled place. The place was hyped up, the advertisements looked so thrilling and I quickly made a head note that someday I would visit the place.

Two years later, you can imagine my disappointment when we finally parked and got out, from the first impression it did not look like it had much to offer, plain, bare, hardly any people (because of the rains).
Like a plain person, who slowly reveals their interesting characters, the place soon became a fun heaven.

Go Karting.After putting on my oversized overalls (plus size babe problems) we finally started riding. At first, I was not sure that this was my cup of tea, but after a few rounds and testing the thrill of speed, I remembered those, speed kills, adverts did not apply here and I became professional race car expert. it was such a fun experience, a short fifteen-minute adventure that you just have to try out yourself to feel the ecstasy.

Quad bikes

While it was rainy and muddy, this just made the experience a little bit better, skidding through the mud and splashing water, is the best way to reinvent your childhood self. You might want to carry extra shoes for this, after the ride most of us looked like we worked in rice paddies. I managed to get into a little accident (what is a little game with no accident?) but maybe you shouldn´t rush as much in this one, or not. This activity took roughly an hour.

Sports Arena

By the time we got to this activity, we were completely exhausted and famished, the activities in this arena are abundant and there is no time limit. We played with the bouncing castle, slid off a huge bouncing castle, we were barely able to do each and every activity. So maybe you should budget more time for this.


We had a quick meal before heading back to Nairobi, they have a wide variety of drinks and meals, mostly Kenyan cuisine.

How to get there

Took us roughly three hours to get there, factoring in the traffic and the stopovers we made on the way.Chaka is immediately after Narumoru, off the Nairobi Nanyuki highway (google maps is your friend)

The prices.The place has a range of packages for different activities. We paid a total of KSH 6000 per person for all the activities, but the price varies depending on the activity you choose.Food: A whole kienyeji wet fry chicken, Ugali, Fries and Mukimo as sides, this amounted to KSH 2,400 for the entire meal.

Other activitiesSkating, swimming, paintballing, camping (all their activities are kid inclusive with reduced charges.)Tips.

  • Carry extra shoes if it is the rainy season
  • Drive slowly through the rough headed to the place due to the bumps and nature of the trail.
  • Budget more time for activities, because it takes a while to change and move from one activity to the other.
  • Carry a costume if you love swimming, their acqua park is amazing (they do not hire).

Thanks to @nahty_tasha for the amazing photos.

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