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When we first got to Embu town, the first thing that the people did was ask us if we were headed to Nairobi, we were so confused, the whole point of alighting from a matatu from Nairobi was to get to Embu you would think that they would assume that at least. The locals spoke in a weird language, in my opinion, a mix between Kamba and Kikuyu, strange but beautiful. We set off to Camp Ndunda from Embu town, about a thirty-minute drive from Embu town and the perfect chance to get a good glimpse of the beautiful small town, the old government offices and the drifting far off into the countryside, full of greenery and a river and finally a bridge, just right near camp Ndunda.

The campsite is very beautiful, starting from the gate, you feel just right at home like you made the right decision to visit the place. I bet this was mainly because we went on a less popular day, just a few people were camping that night, unlike the next day where around 300 people were camping. So, if you don´t love a crowd it would be a fabulous idea to go over the weekdays rather than the weekend.

After settling in our respective tents, we set out for the walk in the forest. A walk just before the sunset, when all the antelopes came out to play. Our tour guide, Jane was the sweetest person ever, telling us about the history of the place. Njukiri forest was started by the local people, then the government took over then a very wise private investor made it what it has become. Imagine owning land with a waterfall how dreamy!
We watched some young boys dive from the waterfall. They looked like professional swimmers, diving so many times and making us mediocre swimmers very jealous. Peter, one of the swimmers tried to entice me to jump in with him, instead I got to learn his story, of how he was just a high school dropout but was a professional farmer and swimming was his passion, honestly, I think he can win Kenya some Olympic diving medals.

Activities in Camp Ndunda

  • Swinging above River Rupinguzi at KSH 500
  • Ziplining at KSH 1000
  • Diving with a life jacket at KSH 500
  • Archery at KSH 350 for 2 hours
  • Bike riding
  • Swimming in River Rupinguzi etc the list is endless!


  • Camping is KSH 1500 for one and 1100 per person for two We paid KSH 1500 for two which included a very filling dinner of your choice
  • The fare to Embu from Nairobi is roughly Ksh 300 – 400
  • The fare to camp Ndunda from Embu is KSH 70 on a matatu then a short 10-minute walk to the campsite and KSH 200 for a motorbike from Embu town to the campsite
  • Ubers are hard to find in Embu
  • If driving, the drive is about 3 hours from Nairobi.

We ended the night with a huge well-lit bonfire after eating to our fill and woke up to birds chirping the next morning.


After camp Ndunda we decided to tour Embu, a nice small-ish town with a dirt road right in the town center, but besides that, the people are pretty amazing, the motorbike riders could not shut up about how Embu comes to life at night.

Hotels in Embu are pretty affordable (depending on your budget).

  • Fact. Did you know that the prices of hotels are higher when you book online rather than book in person?
  • Tip. If it is a low peak season just book the hotel in person or rather just get hotel contacts in the website and book directly.

We settled at Royal Minni Inn Hotel a cute hotel with an old rustic feel. The rates range from KSH 2,500 to KSH 5,000 for bed and breakfast depending on the room you have. The hotel had extra amenities like a swimming pool and a gym and a heavy and scrumptious breakfast.

So, there you have it a slight idea of what you can do when you visit Embu.

Be sure to have a fabulous trip!

If you don’t feel like doing a solo trip you can use a tour company like @letsdriftke who have a similar trip ahead.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day ☺☺.

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