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Easter Staycation: Ololosokuan

Do you have any plans for easter, you know I’ve got you covered. I went to Ololosukan and it is the ideal place to camp and hike just at the comfort of the city.

I met Alex in ngong, he had gotten there in the early hours to first hike in ngong then later Ololosokuan. After not drifting for a while, I was ready to get my adventure fluids flowing. When asking about the place at ngong town ask for Ole savanna Campsite which is more popular than the original name Ololosokuan meaning the home of buffalos.

We got there after a short while on a dusty motorbike ride, we really need some rainfall as a country. The place looked unpromising at first site. Emmanuel, our mandatory tour guide for first timers showed us around, the restaurant, the tents the bonfire and then the hike. If you ever want to camp and hike, or rather rock climb in nairobi, then this is definitely your jam. The tents are fully equiped with a bed, two chairs an indoor shower and bathroom with flowing water. Just equisite!

There is also an option of bringing your own tent and pitching it wherever, for example, near a rock frequented with buffalos, to get a clear shot of them at sunrise. Imagine, you, morning tea, baboon,and the sunrise. Anyway our hike started early at around nine, when the sun is not scorching hot, we had a whole lot of botany lessons. Let’s just say Emmanuel, our tourguide would have been a botanist in another life.

We came across the Oleleshwa also known as the natural tissue, it was mostly growing in Kileleshwa hence the origin of the name.Ololosokuan is Maasai name meaning the home of the buffalos. The place is beatiful, well articulated for a perfect weekend in Nairobi.Just a few kilometers from the famous Ngong hills.

If you are a botanist or just a fun of plants then the location will be your little heaven. From Oseki a fig tree for worship to Osukunwa that produces ball gums and thick milk. The variety is just endless to name but just a few.

I’m not going to bore you with more descriptions instead I am just going to leave the pictures to tell you the story.

The prices

The price for the hike is 250 Ksh

The Tourguide is 500 Ksh

Camping is 1500 Ksh in their tents

500 Ksh with your own tent.

Prices for meals vary or you can carry your own meals and prepare them.

How to get there

In a matatu: Take a Matatu to Ngong Ksh 50-100 varying on time of day.

Take a motorbike to Ololosukan Ksh 100 per person.

Driving: When you get to Ngong use the road leading to Mt.Suswa. Or google is your friend.

Have a happy easter. I hope that you will consider Ololosukan for your ideal staycation.

Photos by: @iamalexkamau

Emmanuel the tourguide:+254704866745

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