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As we all know, Mombasa is one of the most cliché holiday destinations. Ranging from its beautiful beaches to its rich Swahili culture, it is definitely in the bucket list for many people. But how do you enjoy Mombasa on a small budget without going bankrupt in this unending fluctuation? Well here are a few suggestions from me and from everyone else who has visited the great town of Mombasa.

Go to the beach.
I mean, if you visit Mombasa and you don’t go to the beach then what is the essence unless you are on a strict business schedule or have water phobia, then it allowed. Otherwise, why not? The beach is a good place to swim {even for non-swimmers}, enjoy a walk on the sandy shore, build sand castles. Honestly, the list is endless and you never lack something to do by the beach. Ranging from public beaches like Pirates to private beaches like Nyali. The list of fun places and beaches is innumerable.

Walk around the Old Town.
Ranging from the fort Jesus that has plenty of history to the Mombasa butterfly house in fort Jesus this is definitely a good touristic site in Mombasa. You can also chill by the beach near the forte, take beautiful pictures and watch the children play. We were lucky to find a live football match ongoing. You can also take a walk around the old town, enjoy the architecture, visit the popular Mombasa elephant Tasks at Moi Avenue and even visit the Hindu Temple Centre.

Visit an animal reserve center
We chose to visit Haller Park, which has beautiful nature trails with a range of animals from snakes, giraffes, buffalos, butterflies and so much more. The rates were Ksh 500 for adults and Ksh 200 for children. Mombasa has a wide range of reserve areas, from beautiful marine parks, Mamba village, Nguuni Nature center, just to name but a few. The places are very affordable for both adults and children. So, each time you visit Mombasa why not make a checklist of a different place.

Visit Wild Waters or an Aquapark.
Mombasa is naturally a very hot, wild waters is an ideal place to cool down and enjoy all the fun water activities. Aquapark at Pride Inn Hotel is also ideal during the peak seasons at the wild waters since it may tend to get crowded. The prices for a full water sliding experience range from Ksh 1500 onwards. This is worth the experience, especially for kids.

Enjoy the Mombasa delicacies.
Ranging from a large variety of street food such as cassava crisps, mabuyu, achari, madafu, mbaazi, viazi Karai just to name but a few. Mombasa the ideal destination for a foodie trying out different Swahili dishes. Other main meals may range from pilau, biryani, samaki wa kupaka and the several seafood platters.

How to make your trip budget-friendly.

1.Try the Standard Gauge Railway
I believe this is one of the cheapest, most convenient mode of transport.
Prices Ksh 1000 for adult economy Ksh 500 for children
First class Ksh 3000
Alternatively, you can try out the buses to Nairobi which tend to be cheaper during off-peak season ranging from Ksh 800 which is dependent on the bus company.

2.Try Airbnb
For an affordable exquisite stay, Airbnb come in handy, ranging from Ksh 1000 onwards depending on the size and the number of people. They come in handy since you can more often and save some food money. You should book in advance though for peak seasons.

  1. While in Mombasa use public means of transport
    Of course, matatus always come in handy, Mombasa is also very popular for affordable Tuk-tuks and motorbikes. So why not save your coins.

I hope you get to visit Mombasa and enjoy the touristic destination. If you have already, feel free to share your suggestions or anything that I missed out on.

Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe.

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