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Of course, this is the lovers’ nest for a starter adventurer, besides it being cheap, its easily accessible and provides a tun of activities to perform while in nature such as, bike riding, jogging, taking a walk, observing the waterfalls and caves, a beautiful picnic site and seasonal ponds and likes such as butterfly lake for butterfly lovers. Karura is a safe haven for nature lovers who barely have time to travel and just need some time in nature and away from the city.
The charges are 100 Ksh for a walk or jogging 50 Ksh for children, 500 Ksh for 2 hours of bike riding and 150 Ksh for a picnic site. Karura is a plastic free zone and no plastic bottles or papers are allowed when walking, food is only allowed when one pays for picnic charges.

This is basically an ancient place, I believe everyone has heard about it, even if one has not been there, well, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, the activities in paradise lost are several. From the slightly deep, non-mediocre caves, to the beautiful walking trails for hikes, the children playing grounds, the picnic grounds, the flowing rivers and waterfalls. You’re walk to the place is just beautiful, walking through the posh estates and coffee plantations.
Entrance getting lost in paradise is 300 Ksh. The rates to the caves and for other activities vary on the weekends. Its generally cheaper to visit the place on weekdays. The place also offers overnight camping and photoshoot grounds.

Somewhere in Karen there’s a beautiful forest with a somehow looking manmade waterfall, dams, a mini cave, trees and just a quiet place to get away, to forget your work for a while and just live. The place is quite secluded and rarely crowded on weekdays. Its just a tiny little place you can go enjoy with someone you love or care about, or maybe just yourself. The entrance to the forest is 200 Ksh for adults and Ksh 100 for children, and you can carry your food and have a tinny winy picnic.

Again, Kiambu road, this place and paradise lost are maybe from the same mother but different fathers or maybe the other way around. They proximate to each other, this place is another little place, popularly known for photoshoots and picnic sites and chill outdoor evenings. The entrance to this place is 300 ksh for adults and Ksh 200 for children. They have a wide range of activities such as horse riding which goes for Ksh 100 and so much more.

For those fitness junkies, this is your spot, the place has over seven small hills that are a tedious hike and worth it in the end. It can be a good starter place for a beginner hiker or a fitness nature lover junkie, the place is also good for picnics and the new restraint in ut offers a wide variety of activities such as zip lining for 1000 Ksh and good food. A nice place to end a hard week as you observe the city view. The entrance to the hills is 200 Ksh for adults and 50 Ksh for children.

The prices are in Kenya shillings and unfortunately vary for international visitors or residents, please be sure to leave your suggestions on the comment section and any other feedback.

Do have a lovely weekend ahead and maybe visit one of the places.

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  1. Amazing photography as always.I have only been to Oloolua. It is a good place to be on a slow day.Peaceful.A good place for nature photography too.. I will try Karura.

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