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When I went for my last hike, I experienced some difficulties and I thought these tips would be helpful for struggling fit people like me. This tips would have made my hike more bearable.

  • Carry plenty of Water

While carrying a lot of water can be quite strenuous on a hiker, it is advisable to carry at least two litres of water and to drink a litres of water for every two hours while actively hiking, be sure to ask where you can refill the water if you are hiking for longer hours so as to stay hydrated and prevent headaches due to the heat.

  • Carry a spray bottle

If you sweat profusely, carrying a little spray bottle to continuously spray your forehead so as to reduce heating up which leads to headaches. An old empty spray bottle from anything such as an old body splash container can really come in handy to keep a you cool.

  • Carry a hat and a pair of shades

You know those safari huts that are the indication that you have been on a safari to Africa, those are the best kind of huts that cover your head all round, the shades protect your eyes from the sun and cover any part of your face left such as the nose.

  • Carry some painkillers, if possible, a first aid kit.

While a first aid kit can weigh you down, some painkillers can come in handy if you get a blasting headache like I did. While I am not an advocate for pill popping, we all know hiking can be strenuous and this can be made worse with a massive pounding on your forehead, so the painkillers can come in handy.

  • Eat a heavy breakfast

It is important to eat a filling balanced meal at least an hour or two before the hike, the food will be your source of energy before, your body reaches for the stored energy which is a good thing, while going for a long hike it is advisable to carry a few salty snacks and carbs to prevent you from getting constant muscle pulls which are mostly caused by insufficient water and lack of energy for the muscles. You can carry a banana for your healthy snack.

  • Do some prior Cardio before the hike

This might be hard, especially if one is not so active, but some light exercises like walking or yoga or even swimming can be just as effective. Yoga prevents muscle aches the day after the hike, taking little walks throughout the day, can help you prepare mentally for the hike.

  • Carry good music.

This might just be all the motivation you need to keep on climbing.

I hope these tips are helpful for your next hike, hiking is fun and a great way to enjoy nature and burn some calories, also it keeps you fit, some other minor tips include wearing the right clothing and shoes and going with the right crowd of people who will not abandon you.

It is also important to go with your own pace, because hiking is really meant to be enjoyed, not torturous. Now that you have these tips, I hope to find more plus size babes in more hikes, conquering the mountains.

Enjoy Hiking!

Photos by: @cathy_kahura

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Please suggest more tips if you have any, thank you.

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