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Have you ever had days where you just crave something cold like skating in the cold then having a cold ice-cream?

Well, skating in Panari is genuinely a fun way to just enjoy skating in the cold. I had never skated before, sadly, but when I got on that ice and after one or two falls, I just enjoyed it. I´m not sporty, so I wouldn´t lie about this, but it was easy and fun!

How to get there?
Panari is at Mombasa road so taking any matatu going past Mombasa road would be ideal. If you´re driving then google is bae.

How much do they charge?
They charge Ksh 1000 for a whole hour of skating.
Their weekly offer includes Ksh 1000 for 3 hours every Friday from 7-10 PM.
They also have reduced prices on food and drinks for skaters.

Can you go if you´ve never skated before & will you fall?
Yes, you will fall just make sure you fall on your ass. It is not a painful fall.
Yes, you can go if you have no idea of how to skate, there is a nice instructor, Dennis, who is always there for guiding you on what to do and for helping.

Is it worth it?
Absolutely, it is definitely something nice to try and it can also be a fun exercise.


  • Carry your own socks.
  • Carry a helmet if you can and any safety gear.

Try some ice cream.
After skating, you would think you´d crave something warm, but no, trying out ice-cream sounds more fun after that, ironically. We tried some ice-cream from the oldest ice-cream place in Nairobi, SNO CREAM, it did not disappoint.

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