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Isiolo, Gotu and Merti

What happens when you set out to look for a specific thing, in this case the Lorian swamp and find it dry, just only three days later. As disappointing as this was, Instead of being a baby about it, I choose to keep the precious memories and maybe write about it. We set out for Isiolo a small growing town, approximately 274 kilometers, from Nairobi. We arrived at 2pm, and with an appetite surpassing that of a wolf, found a simple little restaurant called Habib. I had chicken and chapati, the chicken was marinated with some delicious bhajia spices, quite a flavourful taste.

We then set out for Gotu, our resting point for the day. Let me paint a picture of how things change. You get to villages that seems like the end of civilization, the well tarmacked road ceases to exist and you drift off to a murram road. The weather gets hotter as you move, the people and the houses spacing out and all you see for miles is just dryland with shrubs.

The views were breathtaking though.When we passed a person or two it was either a police post or a pastoralist. Pedestrians were extremely desperate for a ride and you would definitely understand why considering the intense heat wave.

Gotu is a small town, can you believe that in this day and age people still live in live thatched huts, and surprisingly look contented in these tiny villages. They are in deep connections with their culture and spirituality.

We finally got to Simpire campsite, a beautiful well-constructed campsite with several mini huts tatched tents, a comfortable bed and a little bedside table with solar lamps. The campsite was built for the sons to always have a place whenever they visited home from the city.

Simpire campsite is built close to Ewaso Nyiro river that drains in Lake Natron in Tanzania. The scenic campsite gives you the perfect sunset moment. Having inaccessible wifi and network, makes it an ideal getaway place for internet detox.

Just like other campsites you have to organize your meals, but they do have a kitchen and staff that can cook. They also had an affordable bar area where one can unwind or better yet grab a swim in their lovely pool. Just a little tip is to carry mosquito repellent, because being close to a river the mosquitos are in plenty. The cloakrooms have plenty of flowing water.

Once the sun started rising, we set out for Merti town. Another serene town, you can get more information on how the day went down from here. On the third day we set out for Sericho, to find the swamp, the famous Lorian swamp.

The people here were nicer, the children had beautiful names like Maria and Salma. After getting the news that the swamp was dry due to lack of rainfall.

We decided to Buying barafu {Kenyan icecream}, chilling with the children speaking a different language, probably Borana. They seemed gleeful, and at peace. I saw no girls playing it was just the little boys. Maria and Salma disappeared as soon as they said hi, I don’t know maybe to go cook. I wish girls from here got to play too.

On our way back, with no swamp and definitely no fish, we got two deflated tires. Travelling during the day because of the intense temperatures can be risky. We finally got to Badana town where we had our vehicle fixed, by a rare mechanic who looked like the best part of the little village, until we got to spend time with the locals.

Their way of life was different, they ate earlier in the day, and just drank tea at night, water was just as scarce as food so they survived on the minimal, but they still took their time to fix our car and charge our phones.

The final morning, we set out to get some fish from river Ewaso Ng’iro at Gotu. It is amazing how one can start from one place and end up exactly at the same place. At this point I missed the comfort of the city and I wondered, what would I do if I lived in the small town and knew no such comfort.

Would I have striven for more or just settle?

You never know, ignorance is truly bliss.

Thank you for reading, please leave your feedback in the comment section. Have a lovely day 😊.

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  1. You remind me, I have wanted to travel to Isiolo for a while now.I think I must now.Merti sounds like a place I’d want to live.I want to see this kind of writing on A Saturday magazine in a major daily

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