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Just take a walk!


It all started on Instagram, I followed a page that led me to a group of great adventurers, @letsdriftke, two days later, I was invited for my first adventure. We were only three, we met at Kabuku in Limuru, next to the main entrance of St. Paul’s University. I was nervous. I’m not a people person, but they looked fun and friendly. Jane was bubbly and jovial, Alex, the founder, was and is just full of dreams and visions to drift and show beautiful views to the world. We chatted as we walked to our first destination, The Lakeview. Though we did not get to go in, the surroundings were just enough. As the women worked on mowing the flawless lawns of Limuru Golf Club, we were busy taking beautiful shots of the scenic dam.

After we were sure our Instagram followers will be breath- taken, we headed on to Brackenhurst Hotel. Well, if we couldn’t grab a coffee there, at least we could afford to take beautiful photos of its serene environment.

We stopped to take photos of the beautiful flowers.

As the sun scorched us, I was glad I wore sunscreen [always wear sunscreen]. We talked about how we were envious of the people who lived around here, how sometimes you can feel out of place in your own country and how the place was dominated by the white population, wondering where our ancestors were when people were getting these beautiful pieces of land. But anyway, we concluded that we wouldn’t be drifting if we lived around here.

We stopped at the staircase, the dam and the tea zone area to enjoy the clean, heavily shaded [by trees] and very quiet environment.

We passed the tea zone as the tea farm workers were winding down the day as they loaded a truck full of tea leaves. We didn’t say hi, I wished we said hi, have a talk or two about how working in a tea farm felt, if their fingers felt the same [maybe next time].

You thought we were done, right?  No. We headed onto the Waterfalls Inn Tigoni. I must say it felt nostalgic, the entrance had this huge tree with a wooden bench under it. Just like the one my grandmother used to sit on as she milked the cows. The place is full of beautiful animals, a cow, a cat, a goat and even a horse. We were greeted by an elderly man fixing his red Volkswagen, Alex asked for ‘madam’ and he quickly asked if he was Wafula. No, he was not. The ‘Madam’ finally came out and was very friendly to us, she complimented our hair. After we bargained, we went to the waterfall—another breathtaking view. My heart was filled.


The rain seemed like it was ready to devour the ground so we left a bit earlier and headed to our last destination. A forest in Karirana, just as the darkness caught on, we got to enjoy our final beautiful view.

As we headed home, I felt fulfilled, happy and glad to have made beautiful memories and new friends.



  • We covered 13km on foot from Kabuku to Limuru
  • The only place that had charges was the Waterfall Inn which we bargained to 300ksh but i normally 400ksh for adults
  • All you need is good shoes, water, a snack and maybe a camera.
  • You can contact @letsdriftke on instagram if you need a guide or company.
  • Enjoy the walk.
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  1. Wow😀…. You’re such a good story teller…. For a moment there It felt like I was with you guys…… I must visit the waterfall Inn sometime.

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