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Kijabe Hills

Honestly, all I have to say about this hike was that it was amazing, quite aesthetic. We all met at the junction to Kijabe, at Kimende I believe. Started our walk to the hills, into the orderly planted forest. That forest you pass as you road trip to Nakuru and wonder what lies behind the trees.

Yes, this was a dream of mine, every time I passed through the road, I would dream of a picnic in the forest. Me and my man all cozied up with a glass of wine and some grapes, watching the sunset as we watch the travelers drive by.

So, we trekked right through my dreamy forest, talking about the trees, the view, nothing life changing in particular.

The traditional settlers in the area are mostly farmers, majoring on largescale potato and vegetable planting as we observed.
I am currently doing a juice detox, I cannot even talk about potatoes without thinking on some fresh well cooked githeri with potatoes. Uhm, the smell. We went through some terrains, I will not say I found them beautiful or scenic, it was just tiring, my legs were wobbling, I was frantic about the long hike we were going to embark.

We passed by an old railway track, its very hard to imagine that it was active just a few years ago, but now very quiet and deserted.

Then, we finally got to the dreaded hike, the hill was beautiful, the hike was surprisingly refreshing. I got the best hiking advice ever, just focus on constant breathing and don’t talk too much. I didn’t talk, I took this time to meditate, enjoy the beautiful view and of course control my breathing.

The hike down was windy, calm and fast, we finally got to the road and headed home. How can I describe this hike? It was just simply magnificent!
Thank you @letsdriftke for the wonderful experience and photos. @kenyanbohemian for the company and some of the photos.

@mercy_murugi for the amazing photos.

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