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My creative journey ; Ndeiya Hills

Draft copies don’t work, so they told you, work at it again, change your mind be the best version of yourself, but what happens when you have done all they told you to do and now it is time to follow your passion, your dreams.

You have limited finances, absolutely no idea how you’re going to accomplish this dream, but you know that this is the time.

A strong desire has bombarded your heart, passion drives you, the little voice in your head tells you to push through, you know that all things work for your good, so you believe, you pray about it, time and time again. You stutter when they ask you what you do, because just maybe you may fail, after all you have tried several things in your life and failed.

But you are certain that this is what you want to do with your life, even though your pockets are bleeding, things around you are falling apart, you are thrilled for what happens every day. You have never been this contended. Your friends from childhood text you, reminding you that this was always your dream, you talked about it, time and time again. Your teachers gave you extra assignments, just to harvest a little bit of your creativity. You cry when you write because this fulfills you, makes you happy.

They tell you happiness is overrated, then a beast comes to take it away, it’s the expectations from the people. The people who are constantly asking you, “sasa siku hizi ulimaliza shule unafanyanga nini”. The one’s who send you a million job application formats, your parents cannot wait for your certificate, because they will go to the end of the world to find you a good job. But what is a good job?

You know they all mean well, you are afraid of not meeting their expectation, Afterall your chances of failing according to statistics are low, because so many have tried and failed. Your fellow creatives encourage you to keep on striving, then you hear how people are no longer interested in print but mostly on visual content.

You get discouraged, wonder if in this huge world you’ll be able to make it. The uncertainties are definitely a million, but you are willing to take the risk, because it is your life, you are in full control of it.

So, you keep on doing you, maybe just until that day a fulfilling job will come knocking on the door, because you are quite sure that your dreams will wither, but you don’t really know, maybe they will, maybe they won’t. The future is scary, uncertain. All you want is peace of mind, not to lose yourself like you did when you were interning at that corporate.

These were the conversations we were having while hiking the beautiful hills of Ndeiya. It’s a cool place beautiful and maybe you can take a friend there just to have a walk and talk.

Life is uncertain and we may have no control of some things in life, but we should utilise the little control that we can get. Open up, experience something new, experience nature!

Budget to Ndeiya hills

*Unfortunately, there are no matatus from town to the place so just take a matatu to Limuru = 100 Ksh
*Little proboxes from Limuru to Ndeiya = 70 Ksh, take the Matatus till the last stage {mwisho ya stage}
*Ask the locals where people hike, they are very friendly, they will direct you to the panorama view. It is very safe and you can easily take your time to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Or you can contact @letsdriftke for preplanning.
*If you are driving you can take the road to Nakuru and take the junction at flyover or just use google maps.

*Can be a beautiful place for nature shoot.
*Don’t leave the place so late we left quite late and ended up paying for a personal probox to take us to Limuru which was 300 Ksh.
*Enjoy your walk to Ndeiya, it is a beautiful place you can share deep conversations.

photo credits: @iamalexkamau

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6 comments on “My creative journey ; Ndeiya Hills

  1. Woww! I really enjoyed the script..Keep Going gal I believe your going Far ..
    I wonder how comes people haven’t seen this it’s just Beatiful,continue with this spirit ..

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