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Nguuni Nature Conservacy.

It’s Wednesday 1:46pm, according to what I promised myself, to post a blogpost, every wednesday at 10:00am. Every wednesday at 10am, I tell myself, don’t worry, we’ll get it up on time next wednesday. And my fellow readers as you presume Wednesday 10am has become a dreaded time for me. If the blog was up before Wednesday 10am, my day would be bright, feeled with joy, but if, it wasn’t, then…..

Like today, my time after Wednesday 10am is not so rosy, and I call myself for a self evaluation meeting.

So why, you are here, yes, my fellow tourist, or if you accidentally got here, you are also welcome, we welcome guest here, in Kenya some if not most of us do it with tea and bread.

The conservacy is in Mombasa, Yes. We took a tuk tuk from the Bamburi junction. The directions and the entry prices, are adequately given in their website.

The Conservacy, which is a beautiful, big natural forest filled with rivers and the beautiful view of Mombasa, the place is the perfect defination of tranquil, for me.

It offers a diverse picnic area, filled with giraffes and oryx, your perfect afternoon can be spend here on a picnic as you watch the sunset in their Sundowners Terrace.I hope I convinced you to want to go there or atleast taken your mind away from your busy day.

Thank you for stopping by.

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