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NJABINI HILLS; A view of Aberdares, Elephant Hills and Sasumwa Dam

Have you ever thought of seeing the Abardares and the elephant hills with just a short 8Km hike and just enjoy the views, without the hustle of almost dying hiking? Well, I’ve got you covered for this incredible experience, just keep reading.

This was a traveler’s heaven, a dream come true for me, of late so many dreams have been coming true, except maybe just the one that I want the most, which I am keeping my fingers crossed for. Have you ever taken a second to figure out if your kikuyu English teacher with her thick accent, maybe messed you up, because differentiating figure and finger is hard for me, I think it has something to do with the fact that she switched them up all the time she pronounced them?

Anyway, we set out for the Aberdares with a group of professional photographers and models. These are people who take time to connect their work with their feelings, they do not leave them at the office door at 8 and pick them up at 5, no, they go in with rage, forlorn, happiness and create marvelous portraits.

We stopped every once in a while, to take shots, at the flyover, at the Kijabe hills, you’d see how excited they’d get, how crazy are artists really, how special are they that they can immerse intense feelings into a can of coca cola and turn it into something magical. That they can capture the most unexpected thing about a model and explain it to details in ways that you cannot even fathom.

We pass through Kinangop, a place with a vast number of schools, the teachers walking leisurely headed to lunch, the young teachers clearly trying to convince the fresh teachers in practice, of how much they should “ingia box, ndio wajenge kanyumba pamoja” after all umoja ni nguvu. They would maybe eat meat once a week from Kangima butchery and take their children to the Githinji group of schools, because kids of teachers deserve the best education. I do not know if that teacher in practice agreed to this terms and condition for a verdict of a simple but happy life.

We finally got to the Aberdares with a view of elephant hills and Sasumwa dam. Marvelous! From here onwards I’ll let the photos tell you the story, and as the models put on their makeup and contoured their perfectly flawless skin. I just sat and enjoyed the views, taking one photo here and there, how marvelous can life get when you chose to open yourself up just a little, so take that walk if you must, go to the office, work hard, but do not forget to renew your soul.

*When using a matatu, there are two places you could board from, Either Nyamakima or at Koja.
At Nyamakima you board Nuclear Shuttles, while at Koja you board Satima Sacco. The price to Njabini is roughly 200-300 Kshs, depending on the time and day.
*You alight at Njabini stage and then take a motorbike to a place called Kwa-maish, They range at roughly 70-100 Ksh.
*If you’re driving, google maps is your friend, it can lead you straight to Njabini and from there you can ask at a local supermarket for directions to Kwa-maish.
*At the place you can get a tourguide where you can negotiate the price we paid 1000 Ksh you can contact him +254704704409 Maish
For preplanning and for expert travel you can contact @letsdrifeke on instagram, or you can just diy, or send me an email.

*Carry heavy clothing, it gets pretty cold and it might rain, so on that note carry an umbrella or rain gear, good shoes, a camera or phone and a few friends.
*Enjoy your walk or hike, whichever one you chose to do.

Photos by: @articlephotographie
Edited by: @chesrotich
Special thanks to: @letsdrifke and @ceekaymoney

Please leave your feedback at the comment section, and do enjoy your day.

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