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He looked at me from outside the shop, I smiled at him. He had called me twice, I had not seen the calls, I was busy paying for the cost of freedom, because, well, life.

After five tedious minutes of waiting I finally went to him, hugging him tight, he felt warm, peaceful, that aura of friendliness all around him.

“It’s been a while; how did you find me?” I whispered just as I reluctantly pulled away from the hug.
“The ancestors lead me to you,” he said with his full husky voice. Now, that I had missed. Maybe a little bit too much.🤭

We met the rest of the crew, and headed off, to Ndeiya hills, having had no experience in hiking the hills alone, we got lost twice.

The hikers were patient with me, helped me seek directions and besides the few jokes made on my limited direction abilities, we finally found our way to the hill with the rocks, the pink house and a cave.

Somewhere different, it was not the same place I had been to a year ago, but it was still just divinely beautiful.

With awesome conversations, we hiked up to the cave where we found praying warriors, they seemed like they were asking God to spare our country from corona. Or maybe they were just praying for the little children, and it felt like Kenya will be healed again.

They allowed us to take our photos and having felt their peace and welcome. We kept hiking the hill, talking about………. I honesty cannot remember, Viusasa maybe (check out the video on my igtv).

We chilled at the top of the hill, feeling the afternoon breeze as the sun hit us, just on the right angles. You need to go out and see the views for yourself.

The word he said that defined the view was God. I said beauty. So, we´ll settle for God´s Beauty.🙂

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