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Plan your own trip to Diani and Mombasa! Trip Badget: $4 for 2 nights and 2 activities.

Well, this is not the way things were supposed to be perfectly curated for you guys, but well as a friend of mine says, we make plans and life laughs at them….well, enjoy the blog.

I’ve always wanted to go to Diani it seemed like a different part of Mombasa according to the blogs and vlogs I read and watched. Well after my friend and I got out of the ferry, I was pretty thrilled to be on the other side of Mombasa, Likoni.

It’s about Sh 100, by matatu to get to Diani, by a matatu, we passed through ukunda, the views from the road are amazing, fully of green palm trees and forests so much greenary.

Diani is a small cool town, It has a nice mall, with large collection of shops and businesses, basically it is an active town with tourists and several hotels and beaches.

We stayed at Simba apartments and lounge, an pretty cool, clean, well mainted apartments, at the cost of about Sh 2,000 per night for two people.

The apartments come with a kitchen, living room, clean bathroom, a balcony and a huge bedroom with lots of windows and aeration since it is in Mombasa, an A/C can also be provided. Sweat deal I got you travellers right?

Bookings are done online, only After spending half our day filming, cooking and relaxing during the morning hours, we headed to the beach which is roughly Sh 200 to the beach.

Oh! this was yet another amazing private beach, not crowded, just the right amount of people working out or some just watching the sun set, Diani beach, entrance is also free.

We spend the night on the balcony, old friends catching up and talking about how hard life after campus is and how societal pressures can just make it worse.

Next day.

Yoga, photoshoot, breakfast, my kind of perfect morning, check out, head back to Mombasa, This was the last night I spent it at a guest house in a little town called VOK, the guesthouse costed me sh 800 per night, it was clean and basic. (Bosco guesthouse)

We headed out for swimming in a nice hotel just on your way to pirates, its a nice little swimming place that has an entrance to pirates beach and allows you to swim in a less crowded pool at sh 500, for swimming and a meal which composed of some nice fries and a sausage.

I had a really nice time in Mombasa and diani, on a low budget trip and maximum privacy and solitude all but also saving so much money.

Total budget:

Simba Apartments Diani: $20

Transport Mombasa to Diani: $2

Bosco Guest House V.O.K Mombasa:$8

Swimming in Milele Hotel : $5

Extra transport in Mombasa: $5

Total: $40 (2 nights)

Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to share and stay for more budget trips 💕💕.

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