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The hike started with breakfast at Crave Kitchen, a restaurant that takes your breath away with its authentic décor and its amazing food. It’s a haven for creatives, full of art, books, nature and good food besides its affordability. You just have to go experience this place for yourself.🙂

We then headed on to our hike, after last week’s hike, I had mentally prepared my body for exhaustion. This was a moderate hike, and as promised it was delivered.

Walking up the mountain after some stretching and fun team building activities, was breath taking, both literally and mentally. The wind, the grass, the rocks the views!

We got to the first cave, after an hour of hiking, the cave had a little fireplace probably for heat at night, but no sign of human life. We spend an hour there, dancing, bonding, as we took in the view. The perfect Sunday afternoon🙂!

We headed off to the second cave, which was quite steep, but still worth the view. The descending involved, sliding through the rocks with our bums, as if playing the famous duff mpararo, only more careful though since we are now adults.🤣😆

Lunch on a rock, I mean, if you thought this day could not get any better, it did. We shared lunch and ideas on a rock, as some of our hippie hikers went to look for baboons in the nearby hills, it was fun watching them constantly run for about an hour, searching.

Home sweet home, just as the afternoon sun cooled down, we began our walk back to our starting point, a small town in the outskirts of Kikuyu, finally our hike was over, just like the famous Sauti Sol song, Short and Sweet.

Have a lovely week! ☺

Photos and hike courtesy of : @lets_drift

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  1. I can’t believe you made it to the second cave, you’re the real O.G 😂😂 the steep ness got me so scared we abandoned ship. Glad you had fun though…more people should experience this hike

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