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Stories from my Travels. Nanyuki. One Stop/ Shepherds huts.

These are my fallen travels from the past, the ones from 2019 that never made it to the blog. Fallen.

So Nanyuki is like my spirit town, its where I fully discovered travelling and for that I have a special bond with this town, the vacations here, never disappoint, at least for me that is. The first time I went to Nanyuki was for work, I was so excited it was chill, but we didn´t get to enjoy the “vacation” as much because we were there for work, but I swore I´d go back there to the same place and this time fully enjoyed it, hehe, this is where travel being a hobby was solidified.

So yeah, the first time I saw one stop Nanyuki on sharonkmwangi’s vlog, I swore to go to that place, it was a hit and miss a couple of times, but finally I organised myself and off we went to these beautiful Airbnb, I had been dreaming of. The thing with hopes and dreams, is that sometimes they can disappoint you and the more disappointed you get the less you hope and dream, so we will not call it dream, but I manifested this will to the universe, for me its God, and it came true, but because I was a “twisted” person at the time it also came with a painful lesson, its like eating lemon and honey at the same time.

It was amazing, the Airbnb was amazing, it was rustic, full of nature, a pool and a patio, and a little grass you can walk on as you sip on your “iced tea”. It was everything I expected, a break from my busy life, that was slowly tumbling, but for a second I caught a breath in this beautiful place that delivers, this is not sponsored by the way, the place is usually always fully booked, they rarely advertise because they do not actually need to, because they deliver for the price they give for two.

I wouldn´t exaggerate, but you all know that as much as I like travel I like exclusivity, and a place to just be myself, no stress, clear out my thoughts, well it was actually a stressful day, we spent the whole day shooting content that never came to be, if we knew better we should have taken a break and had a good time, I did spend the better part of the night watching the stars, sipping on my drink and walking on the grass, because I mean, grass.😁

Nanyuki itself as a town, has a calm boogie, presence to it, its like a majestic King who flexes and has a good time, having several nature sanctuaries that are just short drives away, it is really a seductive town if you asked me, so you can take your girlfriend or boyfriend here for valentines or after because they are probably fully booked.

Pauline was the most welcoming. She even recommended other places that I’ll soon tell you about 😊.

Photos 🔜 for now: @onestopnanyuki
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Photo by: Roy.

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