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The day is chill, quiet and relaxed. It feels peaceful, I stand by the junction to a bridge in Limuru, my earphones blasting and my shades on, this is to reduce any human interaction after ten minutes of constant honking from matatus asking me if I am going their way, they ruined my serene air, daydreaming vibe.

I finally join the group and we head out for the Buxton tunnel, one of the longest tunnels in the country, build in the early 1940s for the transportation of white people to and from the white highlands, the unruffled places filled with tea and trees. The tunnel got unpopular due to high crime rates and was highly avoided, till the police cracked down the gangs in the area.

It was not as scary as stipulated, maybe because we were in a sizeable bunch and most certainly because @letsdriftke had ensured us security by providing us police officers. For a second I imagined all the horrifying events, that had taken place in the tunnel, but then again, we were redefining it, for some reason someone had thought to show the beauty of the tunnel and the aesthetics around it instead of the terror.

We then headed onto the lake house which was almost a three-hour walk, pacing through the tranquil Tigoni environs.

Every time the place takes my breath away, the rest of the day was spent walking through the lush green tea plantations and through little water bodies we tumbled through. Bonding with young travellers, who are eager to explore nature’s gifts.

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