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This is a Thank You Note.

This is a blog post for Sam and Dan, the two men who literally pulled me through a hike when all I wanted was to be given away to the Maasai’s as a new bride. This is a thank you note to all the men who hold up ladies who are struggling and are on the verge of giving up, men who do not hike to show off how strong or fit they are, because they do not need to prove it to anyone, this is for the men who hike to help the weaklings behind the trails, those who struggle to hike. This is a thank you note to all the Sam’s and Dan’s out there, you guys are the true Mashujaa’s.

At some point in ascending the hole I had dumped myself into at William’s Hill and the only way out was to ascend, my head decided that this was the right time to start a rock band. My forehead was burning up due to extreme heat levels and my constant sweating. My thought process quickly shifted from, wow, what a scenic place this is! 😊. To why did I do this,😡 why did I willingly sign up for this hike🙁.Regret.

Well I know what you are thinking
Boo hoo, it wasn’t even Mt. Kenya, stop exaggerating, well this was my big mountain. So, take a hike if you are irritated by extreme feelings🤓.Something Dan would say to encourage my legs to move.

I could only get to go five steps up before taking a break, because my body had decided to hold a meeting and shut down because, oh well, it could decide to do that.So it did!

At that moment I imagined the Sunday brunches I was missing all because I wanted a challange 🙄 .I could not help but crave a fruit salad because of the dry lump on my throat, that I only hoped would disappear with the three hills that I was about to partake. My only other option was to live in a plastic tented house, and I love my comfort 🙃.

This is still a thank you note, dear readers, for all the men and women who patiently wait for you to pick yourself up after every little break you make, constantly telling you, you can do it besides you believing that you can’t. The people who hold your hand for support or pull you up the mountain, this note is filled with so much gratitude, but its also filled with so much shame, because I had to be the one to be pulled through, I was the one who sat almost a thousand times even though resting is not really recommended, I was the one who people waited for at the top of the mountain and were surprised when I finally pulled through.

At some point in the strenuous climbing, they played soft music to encourage me to climb, and I must admit it felt a little bit better. At the same time they would encourage me to take a deep breath in, just to enjoy my surroundings and take it all in, they encouraged me to feel the pain and still move on, because what is life without a great challenge and this was mine.

So if you are not hiking, because you feel unfit, you shouldn’t not do it because of this reason, instead you should go for it, challenge your body, and if or when you do fail, you will get the Dan and Sam’s of the hike. The selfless long term experienced hikers, they won’t tell you to go to the gym and shape up because of the hike, they’ll tell you, you are doing great besides you knowing that you are doing a pathetic job. They’ll call you a strong women or man and give you little words of encouragement till the end.

Cheers to all the Sam and Dan’s of the world. You are the reason first time hikers do not give up.
We salute you! 💃💃.

And if you don’t get a Sam and Dan in the hike, please be the one that helps out, because what fun is it, getting to the top all by yourself, the greatest climbs are those that are done with people, because what is life without sharing. 😇😇.

Thanks for stopping by .

Photos by: @lets_drift

See you in the next one. 🤗.

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