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Visiting Kisii

Sometimes we stop gifting because we feel betrayed by the people closest to us. Enjoy.

I had never been to Kisii before maybe just passing by, but the town and the people didn’t disappoint. We had an interesting stay.

The views on the way were spectacular, catching my breath as we “cruised” through the road trip with of course, some good company.

We stopped at Oltalet mall in Narok, to catch a break nearly two hours from the popular viewpoint.

After several detours we finally found our way to Kisii Town for some good food.

We settled in at a local guest house Lexurr pizza hotel. It was an affordable yet very accommodating sleep inn hotel.

Day 2.

We headed to a beautiful well-planned resort, formerly called the dumpsite. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Follow me on ig @dodunims to see more videos from the boat ride.

The boat ride was the highlight of the trip, as we sailed in the sunset.

Separated by water, yet so close…. we enjoyed the perfectly blending view 😍 👌 😀.

Day 3


The great conversations pretty much covered the third day. And 🎶 .

Enjoy your week. And I hope you get to visit Kisii and the dumpsite resort soon.

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