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Ziplining at Kereita forest

It started out dramatically, or as the half empty glass people may say, with one too many glitches. We boarded a matatu from town and the matatu conductor and driver slyly promised that he would drop us in the forest. Oh boy, Never believe matatau conductors, well I don’t believe in generalization but, most of them will tell you anything just to get you on board. When we got to Kimende, as you guessed it, they dumped us, saying the forest was too far off and they needed extra money for them to go all the way. Well, long story short, we got another matatu to the place and on getting at the entrance, we were asked to pay 200ksh for entrance, a charge that was just recently introduced.

Well, we had come a long way and were not about to give up, after waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, we finally booked for a group ziplining experience. Everyone looked thrilled, I was shaken to the core, scared for my life. In the waiting time we got to explore The Forest. The plain truth is that, all the hype is not for nothing, the beautiful conserved forest is a scenic place, filled with beautiful trees and tones of activities.


The activities range from ziplining, paint balling, nature walks, hiking, cycling, archery, jenga and even a well-designed play area for both adults and kids. It is genuinely a magical place you can get lost in when you want a break from the city hustle.





We finally got to our turn, did a bit of training and off we went to the real thing. I can’t count the number of times I whispered to myself that it will be all okay or the number of times I asked myself why I do this. As I watched my friends zipline all the way to the other end, I gained a little bit of confidence and sooner, rather than later, it was my turn. I got on the zipline, got strapped up and in a niche of a second I was in the air flying. Is this what birds feel like? I wondered. A mixture of fear, thrill, excitement and emotions I still can’t explain were all mellowing inside me. I even cried for a bit, and as I flew at about a speed of 60km per hour, I felt joy, pure joy.



























Well, this was short lived, I didn’t make it to the end I stopped about 100 meters from the end of the line. I was so scared, the instructor couldn’t reach me, he asked me to turn and pull my body backwards. I couldn’t do it, I knew if I let go, I would slide all the way backwards to the center of the line. I consulted again on what I should do and this time he said, vile mlifunzwa mkitrain, (just the way you were trained}. How rude! I thought to myself, but I did pull myself back and got all the way to the end, tears flowing, that I tried to hide, but also feeling extremely accomplished.


The going back ride was fun, I did exactly what I was told and got to the end effortlessly, well not so much, I had to break at the end which I did not do very glamorously. I had fun, so much fun, I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. Well most of my drift friends were amazing, some more perfection than others, but all of us, I assume, completely enjoyed the experience.


Next was Chris, it was his birthday, we all had a little picnic site, where we were served some melted but delicious Oreo cake and got to interact, with each other, that is the beauty of adventures meeting new people, greeting them, listening to their opinions and opening up our minds to new possibilities. Happy birthday Chris.

Oh, as we all know its never a drift experience with no walking, we walked all the way from the forest to a beautiful dam, just 6km. The dam, in  Lari, or Lari dam supplies domestic water to the nearby Limuru environs.

Sadly, all good things come to an end, we headed back home as we talked about the church, relationships and how the mantra for a successful relationship is to give your all and expect nothing, this mantra though only works if both parties participate.


  • Nairobi- Kimende 150 to and from [ depends on the time]
  • Kimende- The forest on motorbike 150 to and from
  • Ziplining 2 lines @1800, 6 lines @2800
  • Other activities link this
  • Entrance at the forest 200
  • Matatus can be found at roast house in town
  • Thank you @letsdriftke for organising the adventure!
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