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Happy Women´s Day!

I got spiked,
I met some amazing women,
Women who made me believe in God again,
Women who made me believe in the possibility of something new,
something beautiful.


Everywhere I turned, something was crumbling,
everything was tainted, my own actions,
had caused a chain reaction.

God sent me amazing women! Some were sent as thorns,
but transformed to blessings. Strong women 💪.

When all I could do was cry, a woman reach out to me, no questions asked, just love.

An empowered woman, is a pillar of strength,
a woman of faith and character.

Nothing shines brighter than a woman who can see herself,
a woman who knows her value,
a woman who still takes care of everyone and everything, despite the hand dealt to her.

That is a woman! And so much more…….

Happy Women’s day.

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